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Top Nut Dishes From Our Top Thai Restaurants

Absolutely Nutty! Our Top Thai Restaurant Picks

Coconut, peanut, cashew and almond. Whether they're eaten on their own or as part of a greater whole, nuts are a staple cuisine in almost every culture around the globe, and Thai food is certainly no exception. From their curries to their meats to their slick flavoured sauces, the earthy hint of Mother Nature's seeds is never far away when you find yourself dining Thai. If you like a hint of spice, if you're in the mood for flavour, taste and flourish, look below. We've gathered four of our most wholesome dishes for you to enjoy, each a pride of place sample from some of Dubai's best Thai restaurants. Absolutely scrummy, absolutely tempting.  

1. Pad Thai at Rhong Tiam

The pad thai from Rhong Tiam is a real treat. This is a fresh noodle dish whose reputation spans internationally. Traditional rice noodles, a choice of vegetable or meat and egg is combined with flavours of tamarind, chilli and sweetened with sugar making for a flavour explosion with every bite. Top it off with the aromatic and textural sides including peanuts, coriander and additional chilli for those looking for an extra kick. Best served hot and with a beverage on hand.

2. Neua Rue Gai Satay from Benjarong

Make your choice: beef or chicken. The mighty Neau Rue Gai skewer from the kitchen craftsmen at Benjarong takes keenly diced segments and bastes them in a signature satay sauce. Season with tumeric, roast till crisp, then devour piece by piece. Finger food with a nutty finish. Yum! The peanut relish is impossible to miss.

3. Cashew Nut Chicken by Fuchsia Urban Thai

Urban Thai means urban style. The cashew nut chicken from Fushsia is a half salad, half curry mix that brings cashew flavour to the forefront of its palate. Fried chicken sizzles beside garnish veg and sauteéd sweet pepper this time round, in what makes for a simple yet rounded dish for our number three. Ready yourself for a texture roller coaster on this one, Thai food fans; a forkful is soft, then crunchy, smooth, then juicy and, most of all, really very delicious.

4. Massaman Gai from Café Isan

Traditional, delectable. That's the massaman curry from Café Isan. This one is a simple plate with chicken, soft potato and peanuts on its primary list of ingredients. Given the correct blend of spice and sauce, however, those humble few components can really start to shine. That's the certainly the case here if your taste buds are any standard of judgement - this is comfort food, nutty style. Mop up with khao pad vegetable rice, then sit back, relax, and let content digestion begin.

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