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4 Veggie Fuelled Dishes to Try in Dubai

Veggie Fuelled Dishes You Have To Try In The Heart Of Dubai

If you're looking to get your hands on some refreshing, organic and deliciously nutritious green goodness, look no further. With some of the world's tastiest and wholesome vegetable-based dishes served right here in Dubai, everything a veggie-lover can dream of is only a click away! Nourishing superfoods and veggie alternatives that'll satisfy those heavy calorie cravings are inspired by Italian, Asian or Western recipes sure to keep you looking trim, healthy, and ready to go.

1. Sweet Thai Lime Salad

Starting off our veggie-fuelled guide is none other than the superb sweet thai lime salad from BarSalata. A colourful and flavourful toss-up of fresh baby spinach, black quinoa, buttery avocados and sweet mangoes are piled high for one magnificently healthy mix. Full of fantastic juicy bites and hearty grains, this dish comes with BarSalata's recommended Sweet Thai Chili Lime dressing to make for the ultimate salad that will knock your socks off! The combination of fresh fruits and vegetables brings forth a new world of healthy eating bursting with flavour and all the nutrition-packed benefits you need.

2. Avocado Toast

No veggie list is complete without featuring an all-time favourite avocado dish. Presenting a new breakfast trend, the Avocado Toast, Baker and Spice provides a morning boost that will keep you going all day. Featuring the perfect blend of texture and taste, this dish consists of a decadent layer of creamy avocado generously spread over crunchy toast to make sure your body is fuelled and energised. Protein, vitamins and a crunchy base that'll give your body that push you need with every bite makes the Avocado Toast at Baker and Spice the ultimate breakfast or brunch choice.

3. Truffle Goodness

Eating healthy can be just as fun as it is nutritious with veggie alternatives available for all our favourite fast-food cravings. The next time you wish to delve into a scrumptious, over-the-top pizza but aren't too keen on ditching the diet just yet, look no further than the Truffle Goodness from Pinza. Thick, hearty slices of Portobello mushrooms are layered with truffles and fresh parsley over cheesy mozzarella, all atop a thick, freshly-made crust that's baked to perfection. A dish to satisfy any veggie craving, this wholesome meal makes for a great lunch or dinner that even your meat-lover friends won't be able to resist!

4. Rigatoni Al Pesto

When it comes to comfort food, the Italians know how to do it best, whilst keeping all the health benefits intact! A classic pasta dish, the Rigatoni Al Pesto is a meat-free Italian pasta dish consisting of thick rigatoni pasta mixed with a fresh Basil pesto to infuse your meal with healthy greens. Delicious datterino tomatoes and fine shavings of parmesan cheese are shredded into thick decedent ribbons; everything about this rigatoni pasta is simply divine, to say the least! Delicious, hot, and robust pasta fills every bite with authentic flavour and satisfaction for a truly indulgent experience. Vegetarian-friendly, the Rigatoni Al Pesto is a fantastic classic Italian dish served with pride at Serafina, and will keep those munchies at bay any day of the week.

Get ready to load up on veggie-goodness galore with any of these healthy dishes that Deliveroo will bring right to your door!

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