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The four bulkiest burritos Dubai has to offer

Get Your Hands Messy With The Most Mega Burritos in Dubai

Sometimes there is nothing that can compare to getting your hands truly messy with a big fat burrito. The Mexican food Dubai has to offer is packed with so many tasty meats and veggies, you're guaranteed to be feeling satisfied after every bite. Whether you're a vegetarian or a true carnivore, there is a burrito out there to satisfy everyone's tastes so tuck in and get those napkins at the ready.

1. Chilli Con Carne

Start your day off just right with the Chilli Con Carne breakfast burrito served over at Taqados Mexican Kitchen. This tasty dish will keep the hunger far away, as it is packed with yummy treats such as black beans, scrambled eggs, salsa fresca, Monterey Jack cheese and, of course, chilli con carne. Each bite is just bursting with flavour and you'll definitely be getting your hands messy as you try to catch every last crumb, so make sure you pick up a napkin and get stuck in!

2.  Pulled Chicken

Become the envy of the office when you order the Pulled Chicken burrito from Chalcos Mexican Kitchen. This burrito is the perfect way to level up your lunch and will put sandwiches to shame, as it is full to the brim with tender pulled chicken, freshly-made guacamole, rice and veggies. This dish can be eaten at your desk or on the go and is enough to leave you full and your taste buds satisfied without feeling too heavy on your stomach.

3. Chole Ramja da Kitchadi

Not all burritos need to be meaty to be tasty, so swap out the chicken for chickpeas with the luscious Chole Ramja da Kitchadi burrito from Wrapchic. This place puts a delightful Indian spin on the Mexican classic to create a world of new flavours, with their veggie burrito options being truly mouth-watering. This burrito is made with a combination of red kidney beans and chickpeas, a luscious tomato rice and a serving of yoghurt for a taste explosion you will be telling all your friends about.

4. Burrito de Camarones

If you like a bit of heat with your dish then be sure to try out the Burrito de Camarones over at Loca. This has enough spice to keep you on your toes but it's not too much to handle, as it is made with flavoursome spicy prawns and a hot habanero cream sauce which work together to make the perfect combination. This is a hearty dish with enough flavour to take your taste buds on an adventure all the way to Mexico, so treat yourself to a food filled fiesta!

Sometimes a gut-busting meal is exactly what you need to feel good, so next time you feel your stomach growling, treat yourself to something you deserve with one of these delicious mega-burritos which will be sure to satisfy your cravings.

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