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Great Indian Dishes In Dubai

5 great Indian dishes you’ll find in Dubai

Indian cuisine has long topped off lists as the most popular takeaway food, and with good reason. It's aromatic, hearty and packs a flavour punch with every single bite. So when the time comes and only a curry will do, we've rounded up a few places for you to get to know.

1. Rara Gosht, Spice & Ice

Who can resist the succulent, sweet meat and delicate balance of flavours hidden in this dish? The chefs at Spice & Ice won't tell us the secret combination of spices they use, but we know that using lamb morsels and lamb mince is what helps give this dish its depth of flavour. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Where: Spice & Ice, J.L.T. West

2. Palak Paneer, Omnia Baharat

For any vegetarians craving a curry for your Friday night takeaway, head to Omnia Baharat. We love the Palak Paneer they rustle up here – bright green in colour, its vibrancy comes from a zingy paste used as the curry base made from puréed spinach. It's then seasoned with the punchy flavours of garlic and garam masala.

Where: Omnia Baharat, Al Barsha 1

3. Butter Chicken, Zafran

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Tender chicken gently cooked in a creamy, tomato makhani sauce, the butter chicken they cook up at Zafran is one of their most ordered creations – and you'll soon see why. All over the world, and particularly across the Pacific in America, this dish has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Flavour over fire is prioritised here, and this is why it's been at the forefront of recent foodie trends everywhere from the Big Apple to Dubai. For a real treat, mop up the last of that aromatic sauce with naan bread.

Where: Zafran, Marina Mall

4. Lamb Chop Masala, Naya

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It's the chargrilled lamb chops that steal the spotlight at Naya. And they even named their 'Naya' Lamb Chop Masala after themselves, so you know it's going to be good. Chargrilled lamb chops have been marinated for 24 hours in a Punjab-style mix before being cooked, locking in all those precious juices and unforgettable flavours. The result? One of the juiciest cuts of meat to grace your dinner plate, swimming in a perfectly spiced masala sauce.

Where: Naya, Umm Suqeim 3

5. Prawn Masala, Barbecue Delights

Fish lovers will have a new go-to Indian takeaway after discovering the dishes over at Barbecue Delights. While their Kasturi Fish marinated in yoghurt, vinegar and garlic may be a cooling option for some, we love their Prawn Masala, with all the sweetness of fresh king prawns perfectly complemented by the richness of an authentic garam masala curry sauce.

Where: Barbecue Delights, various locations

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