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  2. Delights of the Deep Blue Sea – 5 Seafood Dishes You Simply Must Try
Dubai Seafood Dishes: 5 Must-Try Delights of the Deep Blue Sea

Delights of the Deep Blue Sea – 5 Seafood Dishes You Simply Must Try

They say that explorers have only managed to search around 5% of the world's oceans, but thankfully in that small proportion, the deep-sea divers have found some delicious delights and brought them to our restaurants. Amazingly talented chefs have then turned them into delectable meals. Dubai is home to a number of awesome seafood restaurants, and most of the dishes available at them can be delivered directly to your door with Deliveroo. Here are a few options that we think you simply must try today.

1.Crab Bachamel (Bahary Seafood Restaurant)

Does it get any better than picking succulent crab meat out of a perfectly coloured and beautifully presented shell, you wonder. Well now, yes it does. Bahary Seafood Restaurant in Marina West has come up with an absolutely stunning concept. It is sweet and fluffy crab meat served in the shell, with a rich, creamy béchamel topping. This is such a perfect harmony of flavours, and looks exquisite as well. It comes with pickles and bread to soak up all that lovely juice that gathers up on the plate.

2.Roasted Cod Fillet (Senara)

Sometimes the simplest dishes can pack the biggest punches. The Roasted Cod Fillet at Senara on The Palm may not sound like the most exciting dish on the menu, but it is really worth a try. It's one of the best-sellers on the menu because it encompasses the bold flavours of Britain, where head chef Anthony Reilly hails from. The dish consists of a perfectly cooked cod fillet served with a leek fondue, potato rosti, and onion veloute. The blend of flavours works together masterfully.

3.Prawn Masala (Barbecue Delights)

Prawns are one of the most mouth-watering treasures to have come from the sea, and eaten alone are exquisite. But combine that with the striking flavours of a masala and you really have a life-changing dish on your hands. This prawn masala at Barbecue Delights uses only the freshest, sweetest king prawns and cooks them gently in an authentic garam masala-based curry. It's perfectly spiced to suit any palate, and has robust and powerful flavours. We like to soak up any rogue leftovers with a good pile of naans.

4.Gone Fishing Burger (Shakespeare and Co)

Shakespeare and Co has an incredible list of burgers on its menu, and it's clear that the owners are trying to push boundaries and do things a little bit different from the average burger establishment. One burger that really encapsulates that unique vision is the Gone Fishing Burger. It comprises of a seared salmon patty with black cumin and dill, lettuce, tomatoes, lemon sour cream, and cream cheese. If you want a burger with a difference, you should definitely check this one out.

5.Fish Tikka Kebab (Zafran)

Zafran is one of the hottest Indian restaurants in the city, and is renowned for its authentic dishes which are bursting with vibrancy from the locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The Fish Tikka kebab is perfectly spiced and delicate, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth experience. It's definitely worth a try for people who fancy a change from their usual chicken and lamb dishes.

All these dishes and more are available for delivery directly to your door, so if you're feeling like something fishy tonight, dial up and dig into these decadent delights.

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