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Great Korean Dishes You Can Get In The UAE

4 great Korean dishes you can get in the UAE

Let's face it, Korean food is having a global moment in the spotlight. And whether it's a tiny restaurant rustling up street food inspired goodies, or a chain that's bringing the best food straight from Seoul, there are all sorts of places here offering up Korean eats. We've rounded up a few of our favourites for when you feel like showing Korean food a bit of love.

1. Korean BBQ Tenderloin, Kcal

With the same slow cooking methods, yet jazzed up with fragrant Asian herbs and spices, Korean BBQ is poised to take the crown from the current BBQ kings – America. Kcal's Korean BBQ Tenderloin is a prime example of all this awesomeness, here the meat is carefully marinated in a blend of ginger, soy and chilli to give it a real punch. After it's been slowly cooked, it's served up with a vibrant combination of onions, carrots, sesame seeds and capsicum.

Where: Kcal, various locations

2. Kimichi Crispy Rice, Miyabi Sushi & Bento

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If you're after authentic, it doesn't come more authentic than Miyabi Sushi & Bento. Specialising in everything from temaki and sashimi to katsu curry, you're guaranteed to find something you love here. And – of course – they've got a handful of Korean inspired goodies too.

The Kimchi Crispy Rice is a great choice if you're new to the cuisine. Here you'll find pan cooked kimichi with chicken and rice, topped with a sunny side up egg, and sprinkled with sesame seeds for a slight crunch.

Where: Miyabi Sushi & Bento, various locations

3. Jjigae, Shogun

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Jjigae is a staple of Korean cooking, so we can't talk about Korean foods without an honorable mention of this one. Hearty and flavourful, this stew is a real contender for you next favourite comfort food.

At Shogun, they've got loads of different jjigaes. Choose from one packing in kimchi, another with soybeans and a version bundling in all sorts of different meats. We love the Soon Tofu Jjigae though, a steaming wonder featuring spicy tofu and egg.

Where: Shogun, Dubai

4. Beef Bulgogi Bibimbab, Kpop Chicken

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The guys here are super dedicated to whipping up the types of dishes you'd find on dinner tables across Korea. Just take a look at their Beef Bulgogi Bibimbab, a dish combining two Korean favourites – the mixed rice dish bibimibab, and bulgogi, a traditional way of grilling meat. Here they're bundled together with seasonal veggies, with a classic sweet chilli and pepper sauce. If you've still got room, finish off your Korean feast with a serving of Bing Su, a zingy shaved ice dessert topped with all your choice of goodies.

Where: Kpop Chicken, Dubai

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