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  2. Don’t Mess with my Mezze - 5 Lebanese Treats in Dubai
Don’t mess with my mezze - 5 Lebanese treats in Dubai

Don’t Mess with my Mezze - 5 Lebanese Treats in Dubai

When it comes to food to share, not much can compare with mezze. They're perfect little nibbles to enjoy either when you're meeting up with friends for a drink or as the start to a full meal and, in Dubai, we're very lucky to have such a huge choice of the Lebanese versions of these tasty treats.

It's also fair to say that the sheer range of choice on offer means that every menu has at least something anyone will enjoy, whether they're dedicated meat eaters or prefer the vegetarian option. Although, to be fair, it is one area of cuisine where vegetarians do seem to have as much, if not more, choice than the carnivores and that's reflected in the five dishes we've picked out here.

So, take a look at the selection we've made and, next time you're in the mood for Lebanese mezze, trust Deliveroo to bring you the pick of Dubai's restaurant choices.

1. Eggplant Salad with Pomegranate - Enab Beirut

Two classic middle eastern ingredients combine in this delightfully refreshing and invigorating salad from Enab Beirut. It's eggplant that has been sliced and marinated in oil and herbs and then scattered with tiny jewels of pomegranate seed. The latter adds a very special sour/sweet element to the dish that only increases its appeal.

2. Firestarter! Mix It Up - Nar

The great thing about the excitingly-named Firestarter! Mix It Up from Nar is that it's one order that allows you to enjoy up to six different mezze. You simply have to make your choice from soujook, makanek chicken livers, batata harra, cheese, fried keppeh, and either hummus with shawarma or meat, and enjoy the many and varied tastes of Lebanese cuisine.

3. Wholesome Halloumi - Ka'Ak Al Manara

Anyone who's ever enjoyed halloumi sheep's cheese, grilled or fried in olive oil, will know what a pleasure it can be. This version from Ka'Ak Al Manara takes it up to a whole new level and adds some healthy and wholesome elements too. Alongside the cheese, there are tomatoes, cucumber, mint leaves and olives and it's all finished off with beautiful, lemony za'atar.

4. Fattet Eggplant - Aleph

Eggplant makes another appearance in this dish from Aleph. First, it is grilled and then dressed in yoghurt and garlic before being scattered with croutons and dry roasted pine nuts to create a dish that is creamy, crunchy, and a very unusual addition to the range of mezze offered by Aleph.

5. Mix Grill - Mezza House

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We did promise some mezze for the carnivores amongst you, and here it is. The Mix Grill from Mezza House is a true meat feast that is perfect for sharing between up to four people. There are veal tikka kebabs, chicken skewers marinated with garlic and yoghurt, minced lamb pittas, a rack of lamb, and koftas too. Together, they make a very memorable mezze feast.

Have we got you feeling hungry for mezze? Then let Deliveroo satisfy your appetite!

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