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Keep It Cool: 5 Great Lunch Options To Enjoy Under The Sun

Keep it cool: 5 great lunch options to enjoy under the sun

Whether it's a busy day in the office or a lazy weekend with family, lunch is too important to skip. Sometimes food is the last thing on your mind - but getting dishes delivered makes eating that much easier. We pay homage to five cooler lunch options to enjoy under the heat of the blazing Emirati sun.

1. Bresaola Con Funghi E Parmigiano, Taste Of Italy By Heinz Beck

Cooked to an authentic Italian crisp, pizza makes an obvious lunch option. It's perfect to share, easy to eat in the office, and has diverse toppings to suit every palate. We love Taste Of Italy's Bresaola Con Funghi E Parmigiano: thin sliced beef breasola, plump mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese and rocket for a dish that really packs in the flavour.

Where: Taste Of Italy By Heinz Beck, Dubai

2. Cold Mezza, Bait Misk

Choose from a wide selection of culinary delights, all with fragrant Middle Eastern flavours. Hummus, baba ganoush, mixed grills, kibbeh nayah, moutabel and shanklish are just a few of the delicious cold mezza options available. Load up with freshly chopped dipping veggies or quarters of warm Arabic flatbread. Light on the stomach, satisfyingly filling and great for sharing.

Where: Bait Misk, Jumeirah 2, Dubai

3. Sunrise Platter, Sushi Art

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Nothing could be cooler than super trendy sushi – though you can always warm it up with some nasal, tingly wasabi. This pretty platter is a work of art, and features everyone's favourite sushi and sashimi: simple salmon nigiri, high-quality tuna, and fusion avocado maki rolls. Use your chopsticks, your fingers or a fork to enjoy some sushi in style.

Where: Sushi Art, locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

4. Shish tawouk, Jedoudna Restaurant & Café

What's better than a BBQ when the sun is high in the sky? A BBQ that you don't have to stand over, that's what. We recommend some expertly-grilled shish tawouk from Jedoudna.

These marinated chicken skewers are soaked in aromatic spices, tomato paste and yoghurt. The meat is so succulent it literally falls off the skewer and melts in your mouth. Get it as a sandwich, or part of a mixed grill if you're feeling meaty.

Where: Jedoudna Restaurant & Café, locations in Media City and J.B.R., Dubai

5. Fattoush, Azkadenya

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Another classic option – fattoush. A freshly prepared fattoush salad is a great way to feel full under the scorching sun. Traditionally made with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and cooling cucumbers, the Azkadenya take on this dish features fried pitta bread for extra crunch. The pomegranate seeds add a sweet contrast against the mixed greens.

And the secret ingredient? It's sumac, an intensely lemony spice which adds depth and interest. Use it as a side, or stay healthy and treat it as a main.

Where: Azkadenya, locations in Al Barsha 1 and Jumeirah 1, Dubai

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