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Dubai's Most Magnificent Mexican Tapas Dishes

Kick off the weekend with the hottest Mexican tapas in Dubai

Now you might think that tapas is a typically Spanish delicacy and, technically speaking, you'd be right. Mexican and Spanish cuisines have more than a little in common, however, so there's no reason why they can't share tapas too.

Take a look at the menus of any of Dubai's Mexican restaurants and you'll find that virtually all have small plates or other dishes that aren't quite big enough to make up a full meal but are enough to take the edge off your appetite.They also make the ideal food to snack on at the weekend if you're on the go and just don't have time for a big sit-down dinner.

It's just this sort of change to eating habits that's seen the food truck revolution hit Dubai and you'll find plenty of these Mexican-themed eateries offering great value food to pick up and eat. If you prefer the sort of food that comes to you, here's our choice of five top Mexican tapas dishes for your delectation.

1. Quesadilla - Teqado

The Mexican equivalent of a grilled cheese, the quesadilla makes for a handy little snack, especially the way that Teqado make theirs. With Monterey Jack cheese as well as your choice of fillings, meat or vegetarian, it also comes with sour cream and guacamole, and it's perfect for slicing up into bite-sized pieces and sharing with friends.

2. Chicken Taquitos - Chalco's Mexican Grill

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If you've never tried a taquito before  then it's certainly time you did. They're the Mexican version of the spring roll and no-one makes them better than Chalco's Mexican Grill. It's just a mini tortilla filled with spicy chicken rolled up tight, deep fried to bite-sized perfection and served on a bed of shredded lettuce with salsa and guacamole.

3. Tostaditas de Cameron - Loca

There's so much flavour packed into Loca's  Tostaditas de Cameron that you may well not believe your tongue! Individual tortilla chips are covered with Monterey cheese, a plump and succulent prawn is placed on each one and then this is gently dressed with poblano pepper  - and the results are simply sensational.

4. Wagyu Mini Burgers - Da Gama

They do actually have a Tapas section on the menu at the Mexican/Portuguese Da Gama and one of the standout items on it in the Wagyu Mini Burger. It's another great example of different cuisines coming together with spectacular results. Bite-sized patties of the highly prized Wagyu beef are sandwiched in a mini bun with vintage cheddar and tomato relish, with fantastic results.

5. Classic Nachos - Chili's

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We couldn't have any list of great Mexican tapas without mentioning this classic dish from Chili's. With melted cheese, jalapenos, pico di gallo, beans and more than just a hint of seasoned beef, they also come with a side order of sour cream to create a dish that's just made for sharing over drinks or just on its own.

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