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  2. From Greek Food To Lebanese – The Best Mixed Grills In Dubai
From Greek Food To Lebanese – The 4 Best Mixed Grills In Dubai

From Greek Food To Lebanese – The Best Mixed Grills In Dubai

For meat lovers everywhere, nothing quite hits the spot like a mixed grill. A meal which uses only the best meats which are traditionally cooked on a proper grill is the best meal you could have. Filling up on some great food that has been cooked to perfection will leave you satisfied every time. We have put together a list of the best mixed grills in Dubai; from Greek food to Lebanese, we have got you covered.

1. Mix Grill Platter - Grecian Grill Restaurant

If you are planning a Greek meal out with an equally passionate meat lover, then be sure to take them to the Grecian Grill Restaurant for the Mixed Grill Platter. This sharer platter is perfect for two hungry people, as it is 700g of great meat! This dish is also served with grilled tomato, capsicum, fried potatoes, onions, tzatziki and pitta bread. You'll certainly be full and satisfied after this meal but you had better make sure you're hungry!

2. Fisherman's Platter  - Ortego's Grill

Perhaps you are more of a seafood enthusiast, in which case the Fisherman's platter for 3 or 4 people, served over at Ortego's Grill is perfect for you. This platter has everything you could wish for in a seafood sharing dish, from prime octopus to salmon yakitori skewers and so much more, this dish has it all. It also comes with a serving of rice to enjoy alongside the fish, so what's not to love? Make sure you give this dish a try and taste some of the yummiest seafood in town.

3. Chicken Souvlaki - Mythos

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For a traditional Greek grill meal which doesn't include a massive meat platter, try out the Chicken Souvlaki from Mythos. This chicken kebab skewer uses perfectly seasoned and marinated chicken, which makes each bite tender and juicy, and it comes served with Greek fries, homemade pitta bread and tzatziki. This is a delicious meal that not only tastes amazing but won't leave you feeling weighed down afterwards.

4. Biftekia - Labby's The Hellenic House

Biftekia is a beef patty which is made Greek style, and the ones served at Labby's The Hellenic Kitchen are definitely worth a try. These fresh homemade burgers come straight from the charcoal grill and they are perfectly seasoned with a range of tasty traditional herbs and are perfectly grilled to make the perfect meal. They are so tasty you may not be able to go back to regular hamburgers ever again!

Mixed grills are often times the best way to enjoy meat, grilled to perfection with that traditional, homemade taste which cannot be replicated in huge chain restaurants. All around the world countries have their own version of a mixed grill, each one being totally delicious in its own way. So, take your taste buds on a world adventure and try out some of these mixed grills the next time you feel those hunger pangs.

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