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4 Of Dubai’s Trending Seafood DIshes

A Guide To Dubai’s Trending Seafood For The Ultimate Night In!

Seafood has remained an all-time favourite among the worldly variety of cuisines served daily across the bustling metropolis that is Dubai. With that being said, we've put together a list of some of the city's most popular seafood dishes loved by locals and visitors alike! Exhilarating poké bowls, expertly-prepared sushi and so much more are just a few of Dubai's finest, with recipes prepared by master chefs especially for you. Check out your guide to Dubai's most popular seafood dishes available at the click of a button!

1. Aloha Poke bowl

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Poké & Co is a local favourite in Dubai with their incredibly tasty and healthy poké bowls prepared upon request and impeccably fresh. Adding healthy benefits to seafood dishes, poké bowls are a must-try if you haven't yet enjoyed the pleasure! The Aloha Poké bowl is a salmon based mix with vibrant edamame beans, crisp red onions, sweet mango cuts and a deliciously fresh seaweed salad. The dish is garnished in flakes of chilli, avocado, ginger and sesame seeds, all mixed together over their highly recommended house-special rice, making the Aloha Poké a dish worthy of its popularity!

2. Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls are the perfect comfort food for a quick bite at any time of the day, and Burger and Lobster's famous rolls are easily among Dubai's most loved seafood dishes. Fresh and succulent lobster meat is packed between slices of toasty, buttery bread and slathered in a savoury Japanese mayo. Garnished with chives to produce a roll worthy of seconds, this dish is served with crispy French fries and a healthy salad. Burger and Lobster also serve other variations of this dish, including the Korean Kimchi and the Seven Samurai, two incredibly tasty rolls that have earned the spotlight in Dubai's seafood scene!

3. Hamour Sayadieh

Sammach, literally meaning "fish" in Arabic, stands out amongst others with their divine fresh-off-the-boat food experience. Combining classic Lebanese seafood recipes and methods, every menu choice is exceptionally delicious at this hotspot! A variety of local fish is cooked and served straight from the sea and onto your plate, guaranteeing a perfect meal with the freshest fish around. The Hamour Sayadieh is a Lebanese dish consisting of baked Hamour fish garnished in chopped almonds, tasty pine nuts and crisp fried onions spiced with authentic local flavours, a deeply satisfying and healthy dish you can delve right into. Served with their very own special brown rice prepared exclusively for the Hamour Sayadieh, it makes for an exquisite dining experience you absolutely have to try wherever you are!

4. Prawn Tempura

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An absolute all-time favourite among Seaview Restaurant regulars, the Prawn Tempura should be the first thing you try on the menu. Incredibly fresh prawns are heavily battered and deep-fried to a golden crispy perfection delivering a taste worthy of bragging! These tasty morsels make an absolutely fantastic starter featured on their "To Set Sail" section of the menu, guaranteeing a truly sensational seafood experience!

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