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Your Guide To Dubai’s Ultimate Veggie Curries

Your guide to Dubai’s ultimate veggie curries

When it comes to vegetable dishes, you might think the choices are slim compared to what seems to be an endless variety of meat, fish, and chicken meals wherever you go. But think again, because Dubai just so happens to be the home of some of the best veggie curries in the region. Fantastic curries, infinite variations and traditional spices are brought together to produce some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes that will have even the biggest meat-loving fans lined up to give them a try! Check out our favourite recommendations for the best veggie curries in Dubai.

1.  Dum Ki Gobhi - 25 Degrees North

When it comes to veggie curries, this traditional Indian delight speaks for itself. The very popular Dum Ko Gobhi is one of 25 Degrees North's most popular veggie options: a meal packed with flavour suitable for just about anyone, from calorie-counters to strict vegetarians. This slow cooked curry consists of diced potatoes and fresh cauliflower beautifully stewed with tomatoes, chillies, and a warm dash of cumin distinguishable in every bite! The rich and earthy flavours pair wonderfully with a side of steamed rice, winning the hearts of vegetarians across the city. Looking for something a little different? Another vegetarian-friendly must-try, the Paneer Mirchi, consists of tempered cheese garnished with a splendid dry gravy. Whatever you decide to go for at 25 Degrees North, you'll end up with a happy belly and a smile on your face!

2.  Shahi Paneer - Patalia

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Patalia is celebrated as one of Dubai's best Indian restaurants with dishes meticulously prepared by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur, known for his appearance as a judge on the popular television series MasterChef India. Patalia features another fantastic curry dish on their veggie menu, the Shahi Paneer. A fresh Southeast Asian cheese spiced with Tandoor and simmered in a savoury tomato curry blend topped with fenugreek leaves makes this dish a vegetarian's fav. Served piping hot, the vegetable curry pairs beautifully with a side of samosas or chilli paneer. Looking for a celebrity chef-prepared dinner but don't quite have the time to make it in person? Have this authentic experience brought straight to your door instead.

3. Panang Pak - Café ísan

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Café Ísan, the only North-eastern Thai food restaurant in the city, is guaranteed to be your new preferred spot to satisfy your curry cravings. With a wonderful variety of traditional dishes from the Isan region of Thailand, you'll never be stuck for lack of choice of the perfect, veggie-packed meal. Among their top vegetarian-friendly dishes is none other than the Panag Pak. Indulgently creamy with mellow hints of a coconut milk base, this Thai curry is slow-cooked with diced vegetables, and generously topped with their unforgettable eggplant and chilli paste. The popular dish is an absolute must-try for any veggie-lovers in town. If you're craving the classic peanut flavours Thai food enthusiasts know oh-so-well, their Massaman Pak curry will hit the spot. Served with potatoes and peanuts, this is traditional Thai food at its finest.

4. Palak Paneer and Aloo Mutter - Chawlas2​

The world-famous Chawlas2 restaurant is another great option to consider when on the hunt for a delicious curry. Putting their own flair on the wonderful flavours of traditional Punjabi cuisine, Chawlas2 earns its place among the top Indian restaurants across the city. For a meal that really won't have you missing meat, try out their version of Palak Paneer, a sensational green melting pot of spinach curry and cottage cheese, all swirled together in a savoury cream for a colourful and rich dining experience. Going hand-in-hand with freshly baked hot naan bread or a bowl of rice, Palak Paneer is a perfect dish any time of the day. Equally scrumptious, the Aloo Mutter curry is a heavily aromatic meal made from green peas and potatoes cooked with Indian herbs and spices that will transport your senses with every bite. Try them both at Chawlas2.

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