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  2. The secret to a healthier lunch? Get creative with those veggies and make some substitutions!
Veggies and Substitutions Make for the Most Amazing Healthy Lunches

The secret to a healthier lunch? Get creative with those veggies and make some substitutions!

We're all such big fans of American foods and other treats that it can sometimes be quite difficult to make sure we stay healthy as well. However it doesn't need to be this way! These days there's plenty of food that's good to eat and really good for us too! With the rise of vegetarian and vegan food, veggies are basically cool now. But there are plenty of other things out there, you've just got to know where to look. Why not start here?

1. Enjoy more veggies

Vegetables don't need to be boring and bland. In fact, they work super well with an array of creative dishes, so it's now incredibly easy to take in all the ones you need. Why not try them in a curry? At Social House they offer Quinoa Biryani as a vegetarian small plate, meaning you're not going to over-indulge and you'll enjoy it. Masala vegetables, nuts and even rose petals are encased in puff pastry, for a flavourful but healthy way to enjoy something a little different.

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2. Share your lunch

Perhaps you can't bear to give up your favourite lunch foods, so you're thinking about cutting down your portions instead. Why not ask a colleague at work to go in on a lunch order with you? A platter full of Japanese food is a good way about it - there's plenty of food, but not so much that you have to worry about what it's doing to your health. The California Dream platter from SushiArt is a great choice, full of salmon, tuna and crab avocado rolls, plus chicken katsu rolls as well.

3. Go for whole wheat

Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diets but there are definitely "good" carbs and "bad". Whole wheat pasta contains carbs, but it also has essential nutrients in it that are lost in the production of white pasta when the flour is processed. So next time you order pasta or a pasta salad, think about getting the whole wheat kind instead. At BarSalata, The Athena is loaded with it, alongside cucumber, red onions, olives, capsicum and feta cheese. It's not quite a salad and not quite a pasta - it just has a little bit of all the good stuff you'll find in between.

4. Switch up fries for salad

Love chicken and chips? Nobody's trying to take away your chicken, but what about letting us take away your fries instead? Fries have their place in our lives but when you're trying to stay on the healthy side, they can be just too full of carbs and grease! At Avec, you won't even miss them. Their Blackened Chicken & Citrus Labneh is low in carb but high in great taste. Blackened grilled chicken is topped with a citrus labneh dressing. It's served up alongside roasted sweet potato (not all carbs are out, see point 3!), alongside rocca, frisee and crisp greens. You'll love it!

Eating healthier never means eating nothing. Order something healthy that you actually like from Deliveroo.

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