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Honey’s Not Just the Sweetest Thing, it’s the Healthiest Too

Why a serving of honey a day can keep the doctor away

It's been known for centuries that honey has some pretty remarkable properties and even back in Ancient Egypt it was revered for its special powers. And now it's a more treasured ingredient than ever, not just for its health-giving properties but for its amazing flavour too. At its simplest level it's a great replacement for processed sugars in drinks and desserts but it's also a fantastic ingredient in its own right, whether it's being used to smother honey-roast ribs in an American takeaway or as an essential ingredient of baklava. So here are four ways that you can give your health a boost in the sweetest ways possible, all with a spoonful of honey.

1. Give your digestive system a helping hand

Of the many magical ingredients that honey contains some of the most useful to us are the special enzymes that the busy little bees add. These have strong anti-bacterial properties so, just like pro-biotic yoghurts, they make for an extra healthy digestive system. One of the very best ways that you can get your daily dose is with the Fresh Mint And Honey tea from the very appropriately named Eat @ Milk & Honey. The addition of that other great digestive aid, mint, means double the benefit!

2. Fire yourself up for the day ahead


Gram for gram, honey is also one of the most energy-packed foods that you'll find so any breakfast that features it is sure to give you a flying start to a day. Step forward the Raspberry Pie Breakfast from Vshakes by Vitallea. It's one of their most popular shakes and you only need to look at the list of ingredients to see why. As well as the wonderful honey there's cashew butter, raspberries, banana, coconut milk and gluten-free oats. It's rocket fuel in a glass!

3. Make sure your immune system's fighting fit

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Some medical tests have also shown that eating honey regularly can do a great deal to strengthen your immune system. So if you order the Berber Pancake from Almaz By Momo you'll not only be enjoying one of the most delicious sweet treats in Dubai, you'll be positively enhancing your chances of fighting off illness too. Made to a traditional Moroccan recipe, the pancakes are perfect for breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack or even as a dessert  - so just take your pick!

4. A sweet way to soothe a sore throat

We boost our immune systems, but illness finds a way of getting through sometimes. Fortunately, honey plays a role here too. There's a very good reason why lots of cough medicines include honey – it's very soothing for tickly or sore throats. So one of the more delicious ways that you can take this particular medicine is by ordering yourself a serving of Karam Beirut's Ashta With Honey. This Lebanese-style dessert is a comforting combination of clotted cream topped with honey and almonds. So even if you're not really in the mood for food this will be easy and delicious to eat.

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