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5 Healthy Juices to Kick-start Your Day in Style in Dubai

The drinks that kick-start our day - 5 of the healthiest juices in Dubai

There are numerous different ways to kick-start your day, and drinking a healthy juice is one of the most highly recommended. This is a way of getting the vitamins on board for a powerful, energetic start to the day. You will find a brilliant range of healthy juices to choose from here in Dubai - and don't worry, they're also super-yummy.

1. Rock-It Juice - Ultra Brasserie

This tangy combination brings together all of the goodness of pineapple, rocket leaves, grapes, cayenne powder and passion fruit. You are sure to be feeling on top of the world once you sense all those vitamins and nutrients getting to work on your body. This is the perfect way of accompanying the Acai and Chia Pudding Bowl at Ultra Brasserie or to simply get your day up and running in the tastiest possible way.

2. Lift Me Up - Xqueezit

This Dubai juice bar has a massive selection of wonderful juices and smoothies for you to choose from for your breakfast takeaway. In fact, there is something for every occasion and every mood here, with the likes of kale, mango and avocado among the quality ingredients. Their Lift Me Up juice is possibly the best option for getting the day off to a swinging start. It is made up of celery, grapefruit and ginger. This is one of the most popular drinks sold here at Xqueezit and it is easy to see why.

3. Vitality: Pick Me Up - Zoga Yoga Café

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Whether you love doing yoga or not, the Zoga Yoga Café is one of Dubai's most interesting places for picking up something to drink that makes you feel fantastic. Their Vitality: Pick Me Up juice is sure to get you ready to face up to whatever the day ahead has in store. It is a heady mixture of cucumber, cinnamon, carrot and apple with an espresso shot. This drink is virtually guaranteed to set you up for a magnificent day, full of positive energy and feeling fine.

4. Wake Up Power - Juicy Avenue

One of the great things about Juicy Avenue is that you can either create your own blended juices by choosing the ingredients or else simply pick one of the options from their menu. As the name suggests, Wake Up Power is all about giving you a rip-roaring, vitamin-packed start to the day. It includes carrot, apple, orange, ginger, maca, quinoa, wheatgrass and agave syrup for a tasty and healthy juice that you are sure to love. Since Dubai has such varied and exciting breakfast options, you might decide to alternate between a juice like this and some of the other breakfasts on offer across the city each morning.

5. Sunrise - Pantry Café

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Not all of the tempting options on the menu at the Pantry Café are as healthy as this juice. It is an eatery that is packed with wonderfully tasty treats and healthy juices. However, if you want your day to kick off with energy and power then the Sunrise juice is a fine choice. It crams orange, carrot and beetroot into either a large or regular serving that will blow away any cobwebs and get you in the mood for an action-packed day.

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