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High Energy Eats for Dubai Weekends on the Go

High energy eats for weekends on the go

You know what some weekends are like... You've got so much to try and fit into 48 hours that there just isn't time to sit down for a two or three-course meal. But you've got to keep your energy levels up but you don't want to eat junk either. So what's the solution?

The great news is that there's plenty of choice of fantastic food and nutritious drinks out there, meals you can just grab and go and which will give you all the fuel you need to enjoy yourself to the max.

We've looked at all kinds of options, not just the obvious sushi, and we've created our selection of both meat and vegetarian sandwiches and wraps. Find our great options below, whatever kinds of food you're into.

1. Chicken Ranch Sandwich - Chili's

Your first stop could very well be Chili's, where they promise you one of the very best Chicken Ranch Sandwiches in town. It features crispy chicken in a warm, toasted potato bun alongside lettuce and tomato with not just one, but two delicious sauces: spicy wing sauce and their special ranch dressing. If you fancy something even spicier to put a pep in your step then try the Cajun Chicken version with its pickle and chipotle ranch dressing.

2. Charcoal-grilled hummus and vegetable sandwich - Bar Salata


Who needs meat when there's a veggie sandwich that tastes as good as this and is packed with energy too? The eggplant, zucchini and mixed capsicum are chargrilled to tender perfection before being mixed with the garlicky hummus to create a meal in itself and made as only BarSalata know how.

3. The Rocket Man - Life 'n One

Here's a smoothie from Life 'n One that's going to send your energy levels into the stratosphere. Almond, cashew and coconut milk are blended with Turkish coffee, cacao, tahini, coconut sugar, vanilla and sea salt to create a drink that's sweet, salty and delicious as well as delivering quite a caffeine kick too.

4. Sushi day Platter - Sushi Day

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If you want something to share, then Sushi Day's special platter will be perfect. There are enough combinations of sushi and sashimi to suit everyone and, if part of the weekend includes partying, then the huge 64-piece Mix Combo should have more than enough choice for everyone to enjoy. Or, if any of you are vegetarians who still want sushi, then you'll find some great options here.

5. Wraps Mushakal - Café Bazza

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To wrap things up, a wrap from Cafe Bazza. It sounds simple, but the combination is quite delicious. Fried eggplant and cauliflower are mixed with other vegetables and tahini sauce and served in a soft, tortilla wrap to create a real taste and texture sensation. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

So check out your choices for healthy weekend eating and Deliveroo will do the rest.

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