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  2. 7 Hearty Breakfasts That Make a Sunday Lie-In Even Better
7 Hearty Breakfasts That Make a Sunday Lie-In Even Better

7 Hearty Breakfasts That Make a Sunday Lie-In Even Better

A Sunday morning lie-in with breakfast in bed is one of those guilty pleasures that makes life worth living. After a hard week of work in Dubai, there is nothing like getting a few extra hours of relaxation and peace. This is the perfect time of the week to really indulge yourself with the kind of sensational breakfast delivery that makes you feel as though the weekend is something really special.

1.   Healthy Option, Tiramisu Café

Perhaps what you want is a healthy yet filling breakfast that gets your Sunday started in the best possible way. In that case, the Healthy Option from the Tiramisu Café is a smart choice. To start with, you need to choose between low fat or full-fat yoghurt. The yoghurt of your choice is then served with a delicious helping of granola, honey, and fresh fruits.

2.   Breakfast Bowl, Circle Café

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For a sumptuous start to the day that fills you with energy, this is a terrific choice for breakfast. Combining mixed quinoa, poached egg, avocado, and tomato, the Circle Café's Breakfast Bowl feels very luxurious and filling. With added halloumi, sautéed spinach and kale, falafel and kale pesto, this is the perfect way to start the day in style and keep hunger pangs at bay all morning.

3.   Breakfast Bowl, Pineapple Express

A different but equally rewarding Breakfast Bowl is on offer at Pineapple Express. This restaurant brings together the power of organic acai with coconut water, banana, and mixed berries. It is then topped with twice baked granola, shaved coconut, and seasonal fruits for a deliciously tempting breakfast that packs a lot of punch. The mixture of ingredients definitely makes this a hearty yet healthy way to get the energy on board that you need for a great Sunday.

4.   Breakfast Hash with Sojouk & Eggs, EAT Artisanal Bakery

With slow cooked potato hash at the heart of it and a fried or poached egg on top, this is an indulgent breakfast that is guaranteed to make you start any day with a smile. Spiced sojourn sausages and pita add to the experience and it all adds up to a tasty, irresistible breakfast. Sold at the EAT Artisanal Bakery, it's worth getting out of bed for.

5.   Banana Almond Pancakes, BarSalata

BarSalata brings together an inspiring fusion of influences from Dubai and abroad to produce healthy and distinctive meals. Their banana and almond pancakes are topped with date labneh, bananas, and toasted almond flakes. This is the kind of breakfast that will make your Sunday morning even more memorable if you love pancakes with wonderfully creative toppings.

6.   Shakshuka, Karak House

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This tempting, hearty breakfast combination from Karak House is all about baked eggs, braised beef, smoked aubergine, and tomato. All of these ingredients are combined together to perfection, giving the sort of breakfast that can turn any ordinary Sunday morning into a very special time to be savoured.

7.   Burj Views Breakfast, Clinton St. Baking Company

This great breakfast spread at Clinton St. Baking Company includes two eggs of any style, grilled chicken, avocado, herb roasted tomatoes and arugula. Delightfully presented and packed with bags of energy, this is the ideal Sunday breakfast for getting the day going in the best possible way.

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