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  2. How Dubai is Fast Becoming Asia’s Capital of Fine Dining
How Dubai is Fast Becoming Asia’s Capital of Fine Dining

How Dubai is Fast Becoming Asia’s Capital of Fine Dining

For many years, Dubai's dining scene has very much flown under the radar. The City of Gold's array of restaurants is now more competitive than ever before. Greater competition breeds a desire among chefs and eateries to innovate and push creative boundaries, delivering a new wave of fine dining options for residents and tourists of Dubai to savour.

If you're keen to glam-up your takeaway orders and sample some of the more delectable flavours in this fine city, make sure you check out the discerning options below, ranging from exquisite Italian and gourmet Greek to delicate Japanese and a new world of luxurious Lebanese.

1. Al Grissino, Chitarrine with King Crab – D.I.F.C.

Regarded as the finest Italian pasta, Chitarrine is the perfect combination of fresh flavours and texture, with a porous surface that holds onto sauces well. It's why Al Grissino is persevering with this pasta dish that's combined with majestic King Crab, really allowing the flavours of the crab to sing. The sauce complements the crab perfectly, with a dash of cream and cognac to provide the richness the crab demands.

2. Eat Greek, Grilled Octopus – Dubai Mall

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An incredibly popular addition to Greek mezes, grilled octopus is one of the most interesting dishes on the menu at Eat Greek in the thick of the action at Dubai Mall. It takes a skilled artisan to cook octopus properly, providing customers with the perfect blend of char and chew. Octopus is an excellent carrier for dips and sauces and, for those daring to try something more exotic-looking than usual, it's a very refined choice in any of Dubai's Greek restaurants.

3. PokeArt by SushiArt, Poke Bowls – D.I.F.C.

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Raw fish bowls are becoming an increasingly delectable choice among fans of Japanese cuisine in Dubai. There are a number of Japanese restaurants doing some hugely fascinating things with poke bowls, none more so than PokeArt by SushiArt. Their poke bowls are a true feast for the eyes, with vibrant salads combined with indulgent raw fish from our seas, such as salmon tuna and seabream. They are extremely light and a low-carb fine dining option for all concerned.

4. Al Nafoorah, Hot Mezzeh – Emirates Tower

The sheer breadth of Lebanese cuisine available in Dubai today is second to none, and it's not just cold mezzeh either. At Al Nafoorah, they have a list of hot mezzeh that's just as long as the cold morsels available. As you would expect from a five-star restaurant operating overlooking Palm Jumeirah, its generously-portioned hot mezzeh are a delight to share with friends, colleagues and loved ones. From the fried lamb dumplings and the pomegranate-infused chicken livers to the delicate Akawi cheese wrapped in filo, there are so many dishes to try that you'll almost certainly need to order take-out more than once!

5. Patiala, A Vegetarian Invasion – Souk Al Bahar

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Led by celebrity chef, Kunal Kapur, Patiala is situated in the thick of the action in the prominent Souq Al Bahar. Kunal and his team are doing some really impressive things with their vegetarian menu, creating more intense flavours without the need for meat. Take the Paneer Khurchan for instance, which is sliced paneer tikka cooked on a flat iron with peppers. The paneer is scraped, creating a thicker, richer masala – absolutely divine!

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