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Are You Hungry Enough to Finish One Of Dubai’s Biggest Burgers?

Are you hungry enough to finish one of Dubai’s biggest burgers?

When you've really hungry and looking to quell those tummy rumbles, a great-tasting burger with plenty of extra toppings and a side order of fries does the trick each and every time. But we've found some of the biggest American burgers in Dubai and we'd be willing to bet that some of these will be just too huge to finish unless that is, you draft in someone to help you!

1. Five Guys Cheeseburger

Five Guys is a now-iconic American restaurant chain that has been set up by a Virginia family in 1986 and who still run it today. With that history of burger flipping, you know you're going to get a great burger.

While you can choose from just two burgers - hamburger or cheeseburger - the secret's in the topping choice. Any burger can be dressed with up to 15 different toppings. We like to keep it classic and recommend their Cheeseburger, along with large fries and a Five Guys Shake. Oh, and you can custom build your shake too, by adding your choice of toppings.

2. Juicy Lucy

At the Classic Burger Joint there are plenty of signature burgers to choose from, each one as tempting as the next. But our top pick is Juicy Lucy, not only for the name but for how it's made. Instead of cheese on the top of the burger, there's cheese in the middle of this patty, which oozes out with your first bite! Alongside the patty, there is lettuce, pickles and tomato nestled inside the bun. And on the side, every Classic Burger Joint burger is served with skin-on fries and a portion of fresh coleslaw.

3. Big Fernand

We tend to think of burgers as being an American thing, but the French are pretty nifty when it comes to cooking meat too! At Big Fernand, you get the same great burger experience, but with that little je ne sais quoi that French cooking can bring to any meal. Our recommendation is the Big Fernand burger, made with grass-fed beef, and served with tomme de savoie cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and a home-made sauce to finish. You can pair it with some Homemade French Fries, which are prepared daily in-house. It's a big ol' burger with a classy touch.

4. Insanity Burger

What the guys at Burger Shake at Friends Avenue Cafe pride themselves on is reinventing the way we think about burgers. That's quite a tall order, given the fact they have to compete against some of the biggest names in the burger game here in Dubai, including its esteemed company in this list, McDonald's, Johnny Rockets and more. But there's a reason they manage it, with a range of awesome burgers guaranteed to make you weak at the knees. Our favourite is the Insanity Burger. The meat is 100% Australian beef and it's served with melted cheese, pineapple, gherkins, caramelised onions, lettuce and tomato, all ensconced in a sweet an stunning brioche bun. Add some chipotle mayo for piquancy and this is a burger you'll remember. What's more, alongside your burger, you can choose either sweet potato or truffle fries.

5. The Original Burger

Claiming to be 'the original' is a bold claim, but the Original Burger at Burger and Lobster certainly deserves a recommendation on our list of best and biggest burgers in Dubai. If you order the Original Burger, you'll get an 8 oz patty of beef with toppings of tomato, lettuce and home-made pickles. But what sets it apart is the secret sauce that Burger and Lobster burgers are dressed with. To go with it, you get some fries and salad.

We've laid down the challenge; now see if you can complete it. Order one of these big burgers via Deliveroo.

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