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5 Yummy Ice Creams You Need to Try in Dubai

5 yummy ice creams you need to try in Dubai

Whether you fancy a quick, cheeky ice cream snack or want to go all out with a decadent, ice cream-based dessert, there are plenty of places to choose in Dubai that have everything you could ever want. Here, we've listed five of the best restaurants and cafes to get your ice cream fix.

1. Coconut Ice Cream, Booza Homemade Levantine Frosties

Located just across the bridge from Dubai Mall, you'll find Booza Homemade Levantine Frosties, home to authentic Lebanese ice cream. There is a total of twenty flavours to choose from including the usual strawberry, vanilla and lemon ranging all the way to the quirky avocado, rose and meghli options. One customer favourite is coconut, which sure does look absolutely delicious, though ashta and mastica are also incredibly popular. The best part? Every single ice cream is made using the actual ingredients – not just a syrup!

Where: Booza Homemade Levantine Frosties

2. Mastic Ice Cream, Mastihashop

Down in Aswaq Mall, there's Mastihashop – somewhere that is renowned around town for making delicious baklava. Often, this great dish is served with one of their many ice creams, which include saffron, rose chocolate and lavender flavours. Arguably one of the most popular flavours there is the mastic ice cream, locally known as Arabic Luban or Arabic Gum, due to its unusual piney flavor. Other favourite flavors include Nutella and Bounty – clearly, we like our sweet yet nutty flavours here in Dubai.

Where: Mastihashop

3. Nutella Ice Cream Cake, Sale Sucre

Now, Sale Sucre like to serve their ice cream a little differently – in the form of ice cream cakes. Situated on the ground floor of the Executive Towers of Business Bay, people come from miles around to try their duo caramel & chocolate, yogurt & raspberry and tropical chocolate ice cream cakes - but you don't need to take a single step, just order it on Deliveroo. The overall favourite, though, seems to be the Nutella ice cream cake, made using fresh Nutella and sprinkled with hazelnuts. Really, every single dessert looks like a piece of art from Sale Sucre so matter what you go for you'll be more than impressed.

Where: Sale Sucre

4. Cereal Killer Café

If you're looking for something both impressive and quirky, look no further than Cereal Killer Café. As we're sure you've guessed, everything within this dessert restaurant is based upon popular cereals, including their ice cream. Within their freezers, you'll find vanilla frosties, fruity strawberry and chocolate pops, all of which have been mixed with ice cream to create delicious yet weird desserts. The latter is extremely popular amongst chocolate lovers, and for good reason – it'd be hard to find anything anymore chocolaty.

Where: Cereal Killer Café

5. Assorted Gelato Macarons, Amorino

Gelato, sorbets, gelato cakes, gelato macarons: whatever form you want your ice cream to take, Amorino will make you wish come true. Plus, as if that wasn't great enough, it's important to note that all of Amorino's gelato is al natural, that is made with absolutely no colouring or artificial flavourings. Every ingredient is authentic and carefully sourced to ensure that everything is as organic and natural as possible. Of all the different options at Amorino though, their assorted gelato macarons are probably the most popular - as you get so much variety, all packaged beautifully.

Where: Amorino

For even more ice cream options, visit Deliveroo and check out the numerous other dessert restaurants scattered throughout Dubai.

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