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How To Host a Special Ice Cream Slumber Party

How to Host a Special Ice Cream Slumber Party

Sure, there are many options for when you're craving dessert. But following a long day in the glorious sunshine, few evening activities can beat a special ice cream slumber party. Of course, once you're settled down for the night you probably won't want to go back outside, which is why we've found the perfect solution: Here are some delicious dishes that can be delivered right to your door for you to enjoy.

1. Tropical Fruits Ice Cream Cake, Salé Sucré

Renowned throughout the Middle East, with five stores spread across the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, Salé Sucré has some of the tastiest cakes, macarons, pastries, chocolates and ice creams in the world. The chain's motto is that each and every dessert should be memorable enough to leave an impression, and we can guarantee their tropical fruits ice cream cake from the Dubai Mall store will. There are plenty of flavours to choose from, and each flavour combination is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied. Other ice cream cake options include caramel and chocolate, yogurt and raspberry, pistachio and Nutella.

Where: Salé Sucré, Downtown Dubai

2.Cake Batter Delux Ice Cream Cupcake, Coldstone Creamery

For years, Abu Dhabi locals and tourists have come from far and wide to try Coldstone Creamery ice cream. A particularly popular choice is cake batter, so customers couldn't have been happier when they turned it into a cupcake. Of course, just one of these cupcakes simply isn't going to be enough which is why Coldstone Creamery offer their customers a pack of six. Not only can you try the cake batter deluxe, but why not order some of the double chocolate devotion and sweet cream ice cream cupcakes as well?

Where: Coldstone Creamery, Abu Dhabi Mall

3.Coco Pops Cereal Milk Ice Cream, Cereal Killer Café

When it comes to traditional breakfast cereals, few brands are as creative as Cereal Killer Café. In fact, this chain loves cereal so much that even their ice cream flavours are based on cereal. For instance, there's the Coco Pops cereal milk ice cream, which quite literally has Coco Pops in. Other ice cream options include Vanilla Frosties and Fruity Strawberry, though we don't blame you if you and your guests go for Cereal Killer Cafés cereal cocktails or maltshakes - they are seriously cute and yummy.

Where: Cereal Killer Café, Dubai Mall

4.1100ml Ice Cream Cold Box, Amorino

Co-founded in 2002 by childhood friends Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, few ice cream parlors offer more beautiful dishes than Amorino. Each waffle cone ice cream is expertly crafted to resemble a rose, while the macarons and waffles are absolutely delectable. For an ice cream slumber party though, you'll want to order the massive 1100ml ice cream cold box, packed with five ice cream scoops in any flavour you fancy. These aren't your typical ice cream flavours either, as everything from red berries cheesecake to caramelo al burro salato are on offer.

Where: Amorino, Abu Dhabi

There are plenty of other tasty ice cream flavours and dishes available on our site – simply check out Deliveroo to start choosing.

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