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Choose the Superfoods to Really Boost Your Health

Five superfood choices that are sure to juice up your immune system

We're always being told that we are what we eat, and it's true. After all, the better our diet the fitter and healthier we look on the outside, with glowing skin, bright eyes and a general pep in our step. But it can also have a big effect on a part of the body we can't see: our immune system. Lots of foods have great things in them that can really bolster the way we fight off illness and you don't have to go out of your way to enjoy them. That's because you'll find them on menus everywhere from Italian restaurants to juice bars - as well as in the little list we've put together below.

1. Pick yourself a healthy salad

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Broccoli is supercharged with vitamins A, C and E, as well as lots of antioxidants. So it's great news that it plays such a big part in the Super Vegan Salad from Richy's Fresh Salads. There are also lots of other super-healthy ingredients including kale, spinach, lentils, edamame beans and chia seeds that won't just be boosting your immune system, they'll be giving you a fantastically balanced meal in the process.

2. Treat yourself to a healthy curry


They say that it may be the strong concentration of sulphur-containing compounds like allicin that makes garlic such a great help in keeping you healthy. All we know is that it adds richness and flavour to any dish, including the Karahi Chicken from Chicken Tikka Inn. There's also ginger, tomatoes and green chilli which all also have their own particular health-giving powers. Who said curry had to be a naughty treat?

3. Enjoy the perfect juice to start the day

Citrus fruits have the reputation of having the most vitamin C but red bell peppers contain twice as much and are also a rich source of beta-carotene. So if you're debating which breakfast juice to enjoy then the Power Veggie from Juice Spot should definitely be on your list. As well as peppers there are also oranges to double up on the vit C intake, plus carrot, celery and apple too.

4. Bring some sunflower seeds into your life

Sunflower seeds are packed full of nutrients like phosphorus as well as vitamins B-6 and E, a powerful antioxidant that can maintain the way the immune system works. A great way to give yourself this helping hand is with a big bowl of Rice Noodles from Wild & The Moon. Along with other ingredients including our old friend ginger, radish, coriander and sesame oil, the noodles are packed with energy too.

5. Let's wrap things up – with a wrap!

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You might think the health-boosting ingredient in Urban Bistro's Chicken Avocado Wrap would be the avocado but, in fact, it's the chicken. The meat is rich in vitamin B6 which is important for forming new red blood cells, the building blocks of a healthy immune system – and, of course, the avocado is good for you in lots of other ways too.

Give your immune system a boost in an extra delicious way, all courtesy of Deliveroo.

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