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  2. Indulge in a dessert classic in Dubai: Cheesecake!
Indulge in a Dessert Classic in Dubai: Cheesecake!

Indulge in a dessert classic in Dubai: Cheesecake!

If you, like us, always save room for a dessert, then you probably want to know what the local restaurants can offer you in the way of deliciously tempting desserts to complete your favourite takeaway.

Do you drool over rich chocolate cakes, indulgent ice creams, and crispy pastries like baklava, then you are at home with us. With such a diverse range of desserts on offer, how do you choose one dessert to satisfy your cravings? When it comes to picking just one dessert, we love the versatility of a creamy cheesecake as it has such a wide range of flavour variations that suit most palates.

The classic cheesecake combination can tick so many of dessert requirements and with so many variations on offer, we can't resist exploring the cheesecake delights that Dubai has to offer. This dessert is so varied we have dedicated a whole article to this beloved sweet. So where in Dubai has the best twist on this classically tempting cheesecake that will encourage you to leave space for dessert?

Fruity creations

There's no better way to complete any meal than with a classic fruit cheesecake that is rich and indulgent but not too heavy. This fruity cheesecake variation is also great at introducing a great balance of sweet and tart tastes to create an amazing combination to tantalise your taste buds. In Dubai, we are spoilt for choice in the fruity cheesecake category with a range of berry offerings.

1. Man'oushe Street

Let's start with Man'oushe Street, whose dessert menu has a diverse range of indulgent desserts and feature several cheesecakes in their collection. Their fruity creation combines a classic buttery biscuit base with a deliciously creamy, rich and smooth cheese layer topped tangy blueberries, presented in an individual dish.

2. Café Bateel

Café Bateel is renowned for its decadent desserts and their range available for home delivery will not disappoint. They describe their classic cheesecake as a quintessentially American sweet which had us devouring it from its crispy digestive base to the light and creamy cheese topping finished with strawberries it remains a dessert classic.

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3. Harper's Bazaar Cafe

If you are searching for a tarter flavour, then maybe Harper's Bazaar Café cheesecake might suit your palate. Their classic cheesecake marries creamy cheesecake with gorgeously tart raspberries to create a beautifully balanced taste. We like to finish a heavier meal with a lighter dessert like this that can also tantalise your taste buds with a sweet and sour combination.

4. Man'oushe Street

But sometimes you can never squash that desire for chocolate and a chocolaty cheesecake creation is a fantastic adaptation on the classic cheesecake. We adore a chocolate cheesecake and the Man'oushe Street takes this delicious twist further by adding a nutty crunch, described as heavenly good. Presented in an individual jar this layered dessert is beautifully displayed showing its crumbly biscuit base, rich and creamy Nutella cheesecake topped with crushed hazelnuts.

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