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Six chocolate cheesecakes to try in Dubai

How to make a cheesecake even better? Add chocolate, of course

It must have taken a special kind of genius to invent the original cheesecake. There's just something about the way that the creamy topping goes so perfectly with the cookie base. It's not just the perfect contrast of flavours, it's the combination of textures too that makes it so very satisfying. Then, if you add chocolate into the mix, it takes things up to a whole higher level. That's why you'll find this truly scrumptious kind of dessert on the menu in so many places in Dubai – and why you should check out these super six without delay.

1. Snickers Pie - One Cafe By Life N One

Chocolate, peanuts, toffee and a crisp pastry shell make this one dessert that's well worth seeking out if you're really on the lookout for an indulgent treat. It may not be the most calorie-conscious way to end a meal but when One Cafe By Life N One have made something quite as delicious as this, who's counting!

2. Oreo Cheesecake - Looshis

While the debate still rages about the very best way to eat the Oreo – split it in two or crunch into one whole – Looshis have their very own answer. Just enjoy it as part of their delicious cheesecake which has a classic base topped with Oreo-flavoured cream as well as an actual cookie on the top.

3. Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake - Healthy Patisserie

Proof that there are chocolate cheesecake treats out there that fit in perfectly with the vegan diet, too. Indulge in this little beauty from the perfectly-named Healthy Patisserie and enjoy a dairy-free serving of pure deliciousness that's just too good to share!

4. White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake - Magnolia Bakery

If you like to enjoy a change from time to time a white chocolate beauty from Magnolia Bakery should do the trick. The subtle flavour of macadamia nuts adds a little crunch to the velvety, smooth white chocolate cream, all on a cookie crumb crust. If you still prefer milk chocolate then their Chocolate Swirl is just as sweet a treat.

5. Mocha Choca Cheesecake - SugarMoo

Extra rich and doubly chocolatey, SugarMoo's Mocha Choca Cheesecake should be more than enough to satisfy even the biggest fan of the cocoa bean. In fact, we'd go as far as saying that it easily earns its place in a line-up of Dubai's most indulgent cheesecake desserts.

6. Nutella Cheesecake - Chocolate Injection Café

There was panic last year when it was reported that a global hazelnut shortage meant Nutella might have to be rationed. But don't worry. Chocolate Injection Café have plentiful supplies that they're putting to very good use in this amazing cheesecake. It's in the cheesecake topping and it's even artfully drizzled all over the top. So go nuts and treat yourself to one today.

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