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  2. From Pizza To Al Forno, Abu Dhabi Has All The Baked Italian Classics!
From Pizza To Al Forno, Baked Italian Classics Abu Dhabi !

From Pizza To Al Forno, Abu Dhabi Has All The Baked Italian Classics!

If the thought of stringy cheeses, decadent sauces and steaming al forno gets your mouth watering, you're in luck! From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the best Italian restaurants are serving up excellent dishes you simply must get your hands on.

It's no secret that Italians have long perfected an intricate tradition of baked food. They flawlessly combine the tastes of the Mediterranean to produce some the most favoured comfort food in the world. Now you can have these classics delivered straight to your door! Check out some of Italy's best baked fresh and ready-to-go right in your neighbourhood.

1. Pasta Al Forno - Carluccio's

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With an exquisite menu and captivating dishes, Carluccio comes in strong on our guide to Dubai's best of the best. Authentic Italian meals cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients on a daily basis guarantee you'll be ordering up seconds with no shame! Carluccio's Pasta Al Forno, an Italian pasta known globally for its simplicity and timeless deliciousness, is freshly baked in their own homemade three-cheese sauce and topped with a superb truffle oil for a lux touch. A perfect baked pasta, this dish is essential to any Italian dining experience.

2. Calzone Bianco - Prego's Beach Rotana

Our second Italian baked classic is none other than the calzone, a folded pizza stuffed with a variety of fresh ingredients literally oozing with everything you love about Italian cuisine. The Calzone Bianco is proudly served at Prego's Beach Rotana and packed with a perfect pairing of coppa di parma, spinach, ricotta and mozzarella. Staying true to its name, this version of the classic calzone is topped with a white cream sauce and guarantees satisfaction with every cheesy bite. It's a great lunch or dinner option any day of the week, so be sure to look this one up!

3. Oven-Baked Garlic Bread - Pizza Di Rocco

When it comes to perking up your favourite meal, there's no better choice than the iconic side that is garlic bread. Pizza Di Rocco serves up a divine version of this Italian essential coated with fresh chopped garlic, olive oil, and aromatic rosemary. Just douse them in a rich marinara sauce for the "cherry on top", and you have the ultimate Italian snack. Featuring uplifting flavours with every bite, this tradition doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon - and for good reason!

4. Margherita Pizza - Biancorosso

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Finally, no Italian food guide is quite complete without the mention of everyone's all-time favourite, the Margherita Pizza. This timeless dish is served far and wide. However, it takes a true Italian recipe to serve this dish in all its glory. The Margherita at Biancorosso is undeniably good - a warm and toasty pizza dough base is slathered with a savoury tomato sauce, a blanket of oozy mozzarella, and a sprinkle of oregano. A wonderful option to share with friends or family any time of the day, you could see why this baked Italian classic has rightfully earned its spot on our list.

Ready to enjoy some of Italy's best baked classics near you? Deliveroo is here to bring any of these great dishes right to your front door!

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