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  2. Just click your fingers for fantastic appetisers from JJ Chicken and more
Fantastic Finger Food for You from JJ Chicken and More

Just click your fingers for fantastic appetisers from JJ Chicken and more

If you've a yearning for a tasty chicken nibble or two you're in the right place. Almost everywhere you look in Dubai there are restaurants with these little treats on the menu. It also seems to transcend national cuisines so you're as likely to find them in a Chinese takeaway as you are in somewhere like JJ Chicken. We've been out looking for some amazing examples for you and are pleased to say we found them. Now it's your turn to enjoy them and, as someone once said, we guarantee that they're all finger-licking good!

1. Popcorn Chicken - Original Wings & Rings

Wednesdays may be the traditional wing day in Dubai, when lots of places put on their best offers, but any day of the week is perfect for Popcorn Chicken. It's a fun fusion of the sweet and the savoury with a unique crunch to it too, especially the way they make it down at Original Wings & Rings. Plus they promise to offer a wider range of dips and sauces than ever, so all you have to do is dive in!

2. Chicken Rolls - JJ Chicken

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Of all the hot starters on offer down at JJ Chicken this is the one we like the best. Not only is the chicken super delicious, it comes in a crispy crunchy roll too. And because they chargrill the meat before shredding it into juicy and succulent pieces, it also has that lovely, rich barbecued flavour. So it's a thumbs-up from us for this great chicken finger food.

3. Chicken Lollipops - Gypsy Chinese

We promise that you'll be sweet on these little lollipops from Gypsy Chinese. They're moreish mouthfuls that are deep fried in the restaurant's own special-recipe batter, made from the classic Chinese combination of chilli, garlic, ginger and coriander. Aromatic and spicy, they're certain to satisfy.

4. Chicken 65 - Indian Summer

We don't know exactly why it's called Chicken 65 but it certainly gets full marks from us as a starter that will always leave you ready for more. The tender, boneless pieces of chicken have been marinated in ginger, garlic and Indian spices and bathed in a home-made sauce. Then, before serving, they're scattered with curry leaves and whole green chillies. The restaurant may be called Indian Summer but this is a dish that you'll enjoy all year round, however often you order it.

5. Crispy Chicken Tenders - Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets have been bringing a taste of genuine Americana to Dubai since 1996 and they're just as famous for their chicken as they are for their burgers, hot dogs and shakes. But then they do have amazing dishes on the menu like these delicious Crispy Chicken Tenders. Plus they make the succulent and tender treats even better still by offering a choice of three barnstorming dips: BBQ, ranch or honey mustard. So, in the immortal words of Elvis, "Love me tender, love me do"!

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