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  2. From Korean food to Vietnamese, try these innovative Asian dishes
From Korean to Vietnamese, try these innovative Asian treats

From Korean food to Vietnamese, try these innovative Asian dishes

On this planet, we're so blessed to have such a fascinating range of different cuisines. Each different kind of food is so varied, and we. are. so. here. for. it.

Luckily, you're not restricted these days, and you can get everything from European takeaway through to Japanese and Korean food, right here in Dubai.

But it's Asian food which perhaps best balances delicate flavours, herbs and spices and modern twists to really give our taste buds a treat. Here are some of the most innovative creative takes on a variety of different Asian foods.

1. Rare Beef Slice Pho - Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen

Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen has just one aim - to provide residents and visitors to Dubai with Vietnamese cuisine's authentic taste. Even if you don't know much about Vietnam, you'll have heard that the Pho dish is a real fave. When beef is served rare, it has an extra-special flavour to it and an added tenderness, too. This pho accommodates that, allowing for the broth of the rice noodles to soak up its goodness.

2. The Aussie - Poke Poke

Okay, so this isn't strictly Asian with a name like Aussie! But Poke Poke has joined the revolution for fusion food that's somewhere between Hawaiian and Japanese. Signature poke bowls have long been served in Hawaii, but they're now picking up traction all over the world. Jump in on this tasty trend! The Aussie bowl will help you put your best foot forward. Beef tenderloin comes in an absolutely incredible chimichurri marinade, served alongside good stuff like sweet potato, avocado, sprouts, baby tomato and even jalapeno pepper. So multicultural, and SO on-trend!

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3. Kpop Golden Crispy Original Chicken - Kpop Chicken

If KPop is the darling of Korean music, it's only fitting that Kpop Chicken is the absolute darling of Korean food. Bringing the amazing tastes of Korean chicken to Dubai, this is a country that can't get enough of meat - so they truly know how to prepare it. Chicken is fried the Korean way, and it's all about the marinade. To really add to the fantastic flavour, you get three Korean dipping sauces as well. Of course, if that's not enough to satisfy your appetite, Korean BBQ is all about having your meat and eating it. Enjoy a variety of different flavoured cuts across the board. Vegetarians, look away!

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4. The Chicken Katsu Burrito - Chez Sushi

Sick of the standard sushi? Well, probably not - sushi is amazing after all! However, Chez Sushi ups the stakes a little in the sushi game, and we're loving it. Their unique and casual approach sees the sushi, sashimi and sushi wraps contain ingredients that aren't always predictable. You, the diner, can focus on the freshness of the ingredients, and get added health benefits as well. The Chicken Katsu burrito is extra tasty - we reckon the secret's in the curry sauce. Putting it in a burrito is an ingenious way to give a nod to fashionable fusion food.  

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