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  2. Discover what the best pizzerias do to make the perfect pizza
The Pizza Lowdown – a Guide to What Makes the Perfect Pizza

Discover what the best pizzerias do to make the perfect pizza

Pizza – there's nothing like it. It's the best takeaway food whatever you've got planned. You might be having a movie night, you might be hosting a house party - but great pizza always fits the bill. Here in the UAE, we've got some fantastic pizzerias at our disposal, all vying to serve up the perfect pizza. So what's the most important element – is it the dough, the way the pizza's served, the authentic Italian flavours or the visual feast that you get when you open the box? Actually, it's about all these things. Let's take a look at why each element matters so much.

1. It's all about the dough

No matter what amazing toppings your pizza has, the dough's the most important element to a perfect pizza. Some like it chewy and flour-dusted while others like it thin with a crunchy, crispy bite. The dough at Pizza di Rocco is made with authentic Italian wheat flour and minimal additions of yeast, salt and water, resulting in a thin and crispy pizza base you'll adore. Even better, you can choose between original white or whole-wheat flour. Try it out with the Basilico - a vegan choice topped with pesto, roast tomato and fresh rocket.

2. Stuffed or folded

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For some people, only a regular circular pizza will do but for others, the novelty of having your pizza stuffed or folded in two makes for the perfect pizza experience. At Carluccio's, as part of their Festa della Pizza promotion, there's the Sicilian - baked pizza dough stuffed with chicken, wild mushroom sauce, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes. It looks quite plain on the outside, but that belies the taste sensation hidden inside the dough.

3. Authentic flavours of Italy

At Serafina, the pizza menu only includes a few different types - this is usually a good sign, proof of a focus on quality. The ingredients used in each one gives you an authentic taste of Italy. It's a tough choice between the Green Margherita, with its basil dough and San Marzano tomato sauce, and the Formaggi d'Italia - with fontina, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano and gorgonzola. Alternatively, transport yourself to the Tuscan hills as you taste the veal prosciutto and mushrooms on their Prosciutto e Funghi pizza.

4. A colour bonanza

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Part of the appeal of a great pizza is how tempting it looks. With all the amazing toppings that are out there, we've no end of choice when it comes to visual feasts. On any pizza, there's always the potential for a rainbow of bright colours on your plate. Even the most modest Margherita is colour-laden and makes us think of the Italian flag. But for a real wow in terms of colour, why not order a Greenhouse pizza from NKD Pizza? With all those brightly coloured vegetables it also screams healthy - not necessarily what you'd expect when you order pizza!

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