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  2. From Macaroni Grill To 800 Pizza - Classic Italian Chicken Dishes That Are Cluckin' Good
From Macaroni Grill To 800 Pizza - Classic Italian Chicken Dishes That Are Cluckin' Good

From Macaroni Grill To 800 Pizza - Classic Italian Chicken Dishes That Are Cluckin' Good

The humble chicken is a mighty ingredient in so many meals and the Italians know exactly how to use it right. From pizzas to pastas and everything else, you can always find the perfect Italian meal using tasty chicken. There are so many great restaurants in Dubai; Macaroni Grill, Carluccios, 800 Pizza and so many more, all serving some of the tastiest chicken dishes around. So, let's take a look at the best chicken dishes you'll be clucking about for days.

1. Chicken Under a Brick - Romano's Macaroni Grill Dubai

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For a delicious chicken meal which will keep you full and satisfied, be sure to try the Chicken Under A Brick from Romano's Macaroni Grill. This chicken is perfectly golden and crispy every time, absolutely bursting with flavour and each bite is deliciously juicy. This sage roasted half chicken is served with roast potatoes, asparagus and diavola sauce and is the perfect dinner option for any meat lover.

2. Chicken and Mushroom Pizza - Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

Another traditional Italian dish is of course the mighty pizza. The Chicken and Mushroom Pizza served at Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is a refreshing example of a great pizza as they only use fresh and tasty ingredients. Each pizza has a generous topping of grilled chicken and mushrooms along with a delicious creamy mushroom sauce adds even more flavour and texture to each slice. This pizza will be sure to leave you full and happy!

3. Chicken and Spinach Risotto - Carluccio's

When it comes to a filling and tasty meal that is easy to eat, a risotto is always a good idea. The Chicken and Spinach Risotto from Carluccio's is so creamy and rich with flavour you'll be impressed with every last bite. It is made using spinach and chunks of grilled chicken in a rich and creamy risotto and it serves as the perfect comfort food for any mood.

4. Chicken Penne Pasta - 800 Pizza

There are so many ways to enjoy pasta no matter what your tastes may be. It is the perfect food for lunch or dinner as it keeps you full and energised for hours. The Chicken Penne Pasta from 800 Pizza is a delicious meal, it is made with tasty seasoned chicken and served with a generous portion of penne pasta and a dedicated creamy sauce. It is a meal full of wonderful flavour and you will be sure to order it again.

Since Italians know how to do their food right, it comes as no surprise that their chicken dishes are also out of this world. Whether it is in a pizza or pasta or anything in between, you can rest assured that it will be made to perfection. So, next time you feel your stomach growling, make sure you try out one of these tasty dishes and you will not be disappointed.

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