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Mango in the UAE – Sweet and Savoury Options in Dubai

Magnificent Mango – Sweet And Savoury Ways To Eat This Fabulous Fruit

You know the great thing about the mango? It's basically two different fruits. If you pluck it early when green, it's hard, slightly sour and great in savoury dishes. Alternatively, wait for it to ripen and get a sweet, soft and juicy fruit. If you're looking for something fruity like mango in the UAE, there are plenty of restaurants serving it up in unique and interesting ways. You can find it in sushi, smoothies, salads and salsas. Here we take you through some of our favourite ways to devour this delicious fruit in Dubai.

1. Mango Lassi

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Ripe, juicy mangos were made to be blended up into smoothies. In fact, on a hot, sunny day in Dubai, it doesn't get much more refreshing than drinking the sweet, orange fruit. At House of Curry, along with all the great main courses on offer, there are some light and revitalising options to wash it all down. The Mango Lassi is one of our top picks and it really helps to put out those fires on your tongue after a large portion of spice. Try this tropical treat today and get transported to paradise.

2. Prawn Wasabi with Mango Salsa

If you're after some seriously impressive-looking and innovative sushi, order from Manga Sushi in Dubai Mall and get ready to be blown away. There's so much to choose from and the amount of love and care that has gone into each stunning dish is instantly apparent. We've chosen the Prawn Wasabi for this list, because it comes with an exquisite mango salsa. This fragrant and flavourful fruit concoction takes sushi to the next level and sets this place apart from other Japanese restaurants. Pick up the chopsticks and try this tantalising treat – you'll feel like you have tap dancers on your taste buds.

3. Spicy Crispy Fish Salad

Mangos can frequently be found in Thai food as the fruit grows in abundance in the tropical Southeast Asian country. One of the most popular and supremely tasty ways of enjoying it is when the mango is still green and not quite ripe. At this stage, it works perfectly as the main component of a spicy salad. Try out the Spicy Crispy Fish Salad at Fuchsia Urban Thai but be prepared for an explosion of bold and powerful flavours with every bite. This one's great for sharing, but just as good to devour solo – if you can handle the spice.

4. Mango Mochi

Fancy a sweet sensation to finish off your meal? At Sushi Burrito, the specialists in wrap-sized sushi dishes, you can order a really moreish mango dessert. It's the Mango Mochi, which is a Japanese rice cake. It comes in a manageable portion and isn't too filling – so you can get away with ordering a few!

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