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  2. Start the day with soul and spice, the secret behind Lebanon's manousheh breakfasts
Breakfast in Dubai - the best morning flatbreads and manousheh

Start the day with soul and spice, the secret behind Lebanon's manousheh breakfasts

Are you a fan of flatbread? And a bigger fan of breakfast? Look no further than the Lebanese classic, manousheh. Lebanese cuisine is devoted to flatbread and pitta and fattet are prepared and eaten differently for each meal time. Manousheh is a traditional breakfast flatbread, crispy on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside, and traditionally topped six ways - or seven if you include Nutella. The dish started at home, with mothers making an easy meal for their children to eat on the way to school. Like a lot of Lebanese food, flatbreads are home-cooked street food that combine comforting tastes with fresh ingredients. In Dubai, you can start your day with anything from simple authentic manousheh, to experimental Lebanese dining and new flatbread creations.

1. Man'oushe Street

Man'oushe Street serves traditional home-style street food from the Levant. They have Manousheh covered in their Kaak selection. Popular for breakfast and lunch, it's the perfect Lebanese takeaway food to eat on the go - it even has a handle cut into it, for easy carrying. For a traditional breakfast, try the Picon Cheese. Combining the simple taste of cheese and the authentic middle eastern spice, zataar, it's an authentic taste of breakfast in Beirut. Alternatively, just as we've seen pizzas getting a little different in recent times, these guys have the perfect sweet option: if your day hasn't started 'til you've had a taste of chocolate, try going for a Nutella topping instead.

2. Enab Beirut


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Enab Beruit is a culinary slice of Beirut, whether you're looking to dine on traditional Lebanese classics for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For breakfast, there's an array of flatbreads topped with a range of middle-eastern tastes. If you're extra hungry and want to try something extra special, try the Fattet Hummus. The dish uses fried manousheh, layered repeatedly with hummus and spices, piled high before being baked and then served with dips. The popular way to devour Enab Beirut's delights is to order multiple dishes and share with a group: as with many Lebanese restaurants, it's a sociable affair. Although we don't blame you if you want this one all to yourself.

3. Zahr El Laymoun

Zahr El Laymoun brings healthy and fresh Lebanese cuisine to Dubai. With a strong ancestry and a passion for natural ingredients, the restaurant has an array of classic Lebanese breakfast sharing plates. Minced meat is a popular topping on manousheh across Lebanon, and Zahr El Laymoun have an excellent twist on this classic. The Manakish Meat is topped with minced meat, onion, cucumber and served with a yoghurt dip in a one-stop trip to manousheh heaven.

4. Karam Beirut

Karam Beirut have everything from pitta to pies. Their vast menu brings authentic breakfast treats, such as their traditional Manousheh dishes. In keeping with Lebanese tastes and aromas, they offer meat and zataar. For something extra special, try their Hommos-Eggplant Fatteh with chickpeas, eggplant, minced meat and yoghurt. The perfect balance of spicy heat and cooling dip.

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