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Where To Find The Best Tantalising Tacos In Dubai

Tremendous Tacos – The Most Magnificent Mexican Eateries In Dubai

Mexican food is renowned for being fragrant, vibrant and bursting with flavour. And if you want to experience this cuisine at its very best, a taco is the ideal choice. Every bite will bring something to the table that you hadn't noticed before and the fabulous combination of flavourful ingredients will have you wanting more. The Mexican food scene in Dubai is absolutely buzzing, so we went to find out who was serving up the best tacos. Let us guide you through a list of top Mexican eateries where you can discover dishes that will blow your socks off. Things are about to get messy.

1. Taqado Mexican Kitchen

In terms of the range of Mexican classics on offer, the menu doesn't get much more comprehensive than at Taqado Mexican Kitchen. They serve up some brilliant breakfasts, a great selection for kids and house specials that are totally unique. But we went for the tacos. The Tres Tacos set can be taken in a soft or crispy shell and customers get to choose their filling, salsa and extras. We chose the grilled chicken with delicious melted Monterey Jack cheese. You may want to order some extra tortillas to catch any food that falls out!

2. Chalco's Mexican Grill

For a traditional Mexican with a touch of California, check out Chalco's Mexican Grill. The meats are all marinated overnight in their special, homemade sauces and this results in some amazingly enticing bites. One of the most popular picks here is selection of three tacos, filled with your choice of meat, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. The highlight here is the pico de gallo, which is one of the most fragrant and flavourful offerings around. For the filling, we went for the slow-cooked, succulent pulled pork. You may find it hard to stop at three tacos here, so why not order more than one set?

3. Chili's

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If you don't like the hassle of choosing what goes in the tacos yourself, check out the options available at Chili's. There are three different items to choose from here and each of them will have you salivating as you read the ingredients. It's extremely difficult to pick a winner but we went for the Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos. These fresh, zesty and sumptuous seafood tacos are topped with sliced avocado and creamy coleslaw, setting them apart from the traditional and making them all the more memorable. There's no reason you can't also devour the Crispy Chicken and the Chicken Ranchera Tacos as well, though.

4. Loca

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Loca is a trendy eatery that aims to create a truly authentic Mexican experience. Needless to say, they've gone heavy with their taco selection – after all, it's one of the best-loved aspects of the cuisine. There are a whopping six options to choose from in the Tacos Al Pastor section. We can't get enough of the Tacos di Chilorio, which encase Angus beef, chilorio sauce and habanero rajas. They certainly pack a punch but the olla beans and seasoned rice help cool things down and make this an absolute taste explosion.

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