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  2. If you want a nuttier kind of donut, Dubai is the place
Five quirky speciality donuts to check out in Dubai

If you want a nuttier kind of donut, Dubai is the place

The cronut may be old news now but that hasn't stopped donut chefs from continuing to push the envelope when it comes to creating ever-weirder combos. Sweet or savoury, they don't care. All they're interested in is devising the greatest donut Dubai has ever seen. You'll find them cropping up in American takeaways in flavours that even the great donut king Homer Simpson himself would love. So, to point you in the direction of these donut delights, we've plucked out five of the very best.

1. Vanilla and Honeycomb Donut - Common Grounds

They've been busy little bees down at Common Grounds to come up with the first donut on our list and it's a real humdinger. They fill it with the sweetest vanilla bean cream that's also had honeycomb candy mixed in with it. Then it's lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar to add a little extra sweetness and spice. But it's the honeycomb that really turns it into a taste sensation as it gently dissolves on your tongue.  

2. Tangy Nachos - Il Donaccino

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The savoury donut is a speciality of the house at Il Donaccino and they don't come much more savoury than this. We think it must also be almost unique as a Mexican-inspired version of the treat that's also 100% egg-free. It's topped with nachos and filled with cheese plus there's an extra kick thanks to the chilli flakes that are also in the mix. If you want to go spicier still then the Cheezy Chill has salsa added too.

3. Donut Benedict - Dum Dum Donutterie

If you feel like breakfasting in style then Dum Dum Donutterie are at your service. Often the classic dish of Eggs Benedict is served on a bagel or a brioche roll, but not here. Instead, you'll find your perfectly poached egg with ham and hollandaise sauce atop a savoury donut. In fact it's such a perfect shape for holding the egg that we can't believe that no-one has ever thought of it before!

4. Lemon Cheesecake Donut - Rise & Dawn

In the last few years some pretty inventive cupcakes have appeared on the scene but here's a donut to give them quite a run for their money. It's like a deconstructed cheesecake that's filled with lemon cream, covered in a sour cream glaze and sprinkled with candied lemon and biscuit crumbs. So hats off to Rise & Dawn for coming up with a winner like this.

5. Sushi Donut - Yamaha Cafe

We've saved the craziest till last. The Sushi Donut from the Yamaha Café comes in a choice of fish, seafood or vegetarian options with rice, cucumber, mayo and sesame seeds. It's certainly one of the most unusual ways you'll ever enjoy sushi – but then we did promise to take you to the very furthest reaches of donut cuisine!

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