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From Ice Cream to Popcorn We've Got Movie Night Treats Sorted

Screaming for ice cream or reaching for the popcorn? We've got a snack for every movie

Movie night is also snack night - everyone knows that. There are sweet treats for all occasions, from Mother's Day to Valentine's, so there are equally treats for every kind of movie too. Dubai has some incredible desserts that make perfect companions to a multitude of movies and we're here to show you what's what. From go-to popcorn through to extravagant ice cream and everything in between, you're going to love the food as much as the film.

1. Horror

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream - and, of course, at horror movies. To be honest ice cream mainly fits with a horror movie for this little play on words. Of course, you might need some to cool you down after the jumpy bits, so let's go with that, shall we? Ice Cream Lab was made for occasions like this and we'll deliver their goods right to your door. They've got some really awesome varieties - like Salt Lick Crunch with caramel sauce and pretzels - to take your mind off all the scary stuff.

2. Romance

Get into the romantic mood with the food you choose. They say strawberries are an aphrodisiac and they deserve to be enjoyed in something sweet. Whether you're having a romantic night in or just relaxing with the girls, strawberries were made to accompany a romantic movie. And PAUL Bakery & Restaurant has just the thing, with their special "Fraises" - which basically just means Strawberries. The fresh fruit is layered with strawberry yoghurt as well as various seeds and nuts. So good!

3. Drama

We've all seen the memes. When the drama starts, it's time to get the popcorn out. Whether it's fiction or documentary, this is cinema's most quintessential snack. Garrett Popcorn (hailing from the USA) is ideal for this occasion, as there are so many kinds to choose from, and we recommend the Bundle for Two. Who cares if there aren't two of you? We just love that you get three bags. Mix and match between Cheese Corn, Caramel Crisp, Chicago Mix, Buttery and Plain.

4. Comedy

When a comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, you don't want a snack that's made up of lots of little bits - you'll drop them all over the floor at every gag. In order to ensure you split your sides and not your candy bags, opt for something a bit easier to manage like some chocolate cake instead. Magnolia's Bakery has an incredible array, but our fave is the Flourless Chocolate Cake which is really rich and made with fudge. Let's hope you also see the funny side when it comes to the crumbs!

5. Action

Studies have shown that we're far more likely to binge on snacks while we're watching action movies than any other genre. Why? Because we're gripped throughout, on the edge of our seats and thus far more likely to get excited and distracted. With that in mind, we think the accompanying snacks should be on the healthy side so we don't over-indulge. With a vegan Coconut Chia Seed Pudding from SugarMoo, you can have as much as you want without having to worry.

If you're having a night in with a movie, what better accompaniment than food from Deliveroo?

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