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  2. Go Big or Go Home! A Dubai Guide to the Sushi Burrito  
Supersize your roll and chow down on a sushi burrito

Go Big or Go Home! A Dubai Guide to the Sushi Burrito  

All hail sushi! It's healthy, it's tasty, it's as filling as can be – and now you can grab a snack or two in convenient wrap-based form. Presenting the sushi burrito: a modern spin on classic Japanese cuisine. You take your tuna, you take your rice, you puree your avocado spread (and perhaps wasabi too), then you fold it all together in one glorious, salty, fresh fish combo. No more chopsticks, no more fuss. Just nori-rolled goodness for your tum.

Think of it like a really buff California roll. Sounds good, right? Since its ingenious inception, this Euro-Asian fusion phenomenon has taken the world – and Dubai – by culinary storm, with traditional restaurants picking up the trend and seafood fans everywhere enjoying the utterly delicious consequences. Speaking of delicious consequences, we've rounded up just a few of our humble favourites from all around town - tuna or chicken, large or small, there's something here for everyone.  

1. The Spicy Salmon Burrito from Sushi Burrito – DIFC

An all-time sushi classic, salmon is one of the most popular fish around the globe - and for good reason! It's fresh, it's healthy, it's king of the seafood world without a doubt. Down at Sushi Burrito they're well aware of this fact and they put the legendary fillet to good use. Their Spicy Salmon Burrito is a plus-sized nori roll like no other, with a draping of special sauce and caviar for that extra ocean kick. Veg includes shredded carrots, jalapeno and a crunchy lettuce slice. A great introduction for newcomers and a veteran favourite alike.  

2. The Tuna Burrito by Sushi Counter

Up next, the Tuna Burrito. Sushi Counter prides itself on high-quality, tasty fast food and this selection from their loaded sandwich range is no exception. It comes packed with high-grade tuna and cucumber crunch, ready and waiting to please any hungry customer. Slices of avocado loop around the edge for a cream texture, spicy mayo gives it some heat and nori adds a little salty touch. Be warned, this is one big mama. Not for the faint hearted or small of stomach, that's for sure.

3. The Prawn Tempura Burrito at Chez Sushi

And now for something completely different! The Prawn Tempura Burrito by the folks down at Chez Sushi is a crunchy, silken, filling burrito experience if ever there was one. Packed with rice and deep fried bites, it combines two Japanese dishes into one Mexican-style wrap. A truly continental experience. Yum!

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4. The Veggie Burrito from Sushi Counter

Last but not least, a second wrap from the Sushi Counter range. As its name suggests, the Veggie Burrito is a breath of fresh air for all those in need of a little less meat in their lives. The main focus here is a seaweed salad - a kind of jumbo mix of veg, both crisp and juicy, that fills up the core of the roll. There's also avocado and takuan for variance and texture, plus nori yaki for flavour. So good we just had to come back for it!  

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