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  2. The popularity of Nougat is rocketing in Dubai and you won't believe the magic spin it puts on your favourite desserts
4 Nougat Options Unlike Anything You've Ever Tried

The popularity of Nougat is rocketing in Dubai and you won't believe the magic spin it puts on your favourite desserts

Dessert doesn't have to be all about saving the best 'till last and dessert delivery is there to give you exactly what you want, whenever you want it. In Dubai you'll find an array of delicious sweet treats, but right now we're huge fans of nougat. You've probably tried it in a range of different forms, or perhaps just admired it from afar - but we doubt you've seen the quirky things they're doing with it in 2018.

Often underrated, this quirky confectionery takes many forms - but it most commonly features sugar and honey, so what's not to love? It somehow has a texture that is both super chewy and softly melt-in-the-mouth at the same time. Now we know we've got your mouth watering, so here are a few of the best dishes where nougat is the star of the show - sink your teeth into these reasons why they're as popular as they are.

1. You can have your cake and your nougat, too

Want to have your cake and your nougat, too? At L'Eto Cafe, you can do just that. Their Nougat Cake dish really works, perhaps because of the way the softness of the cake contrasts with the nougat. When you have a combination like this, you've got an incredibly moreish offering on your hands (and in your mouth). And it's popular as well. This one flies off the shelves quick, so better order fast!

2. Nougat goes so well in a sky-high sundae

Yes or no, with this Cafe Blanc edition of the classic you know you're getting the good stuff! Their Nougat Nuts dish essentially does what it says on the tin, giving you nougat and nuts all mixed up. But that's not all: if you love vanilla ice cream, you're in luck. Everything's all swirled together, then finished up with fruit and even topped with strawberry sauce. Just like a sundae. But arguably better.

3. It also works wonders in Italian cuisine

Fancy a Semifreddo Alle Amarene? If you're looking for an English translation of this dish, allow us to help. It loosely means "parfait with cherries" - but at Biella Ristorante, it's so much more. Keeping the authenticity of the flavours as Italy intended, this offering is all about attention to detail. The classic frozen dessert is brought to life thanks to caramelised almonds and amarena cherries. It's a little frozen, a little fruity and more than a little fantastic.

4. Nougat lets you have it all!

At La Cure Gourmande they offer a variety of different nougat boxes - it's one of their many specialities. However, the 12-piece Assorted Nougat Box allows an insight into the multitude of different types. You'll find the traditional nutty kind alongside strawberry, orange, lemon, fig and more. This pick is a real mixed bag - literally - and each kind almost tastes better than the one before it.

If you've never had nougat, tonight's the night to try it. And if you have? Find your new favourite kind right here on Deliveroo.

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