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  2. Organising a Dubai dinner cruise or boat party? Here's the best food for both!
Organizing a Dubai dinner cruise or boat party? Here's the best food for both!

Organising a Dubai dinner cruise or boat party? Here's the best food for both!

In 2016, the city of Dubai received almost 15 million international tourists from all over the world, making our humble UAE city a leading holiday destination. While here, tourists get up to all sorts of adventures and activities, including Dubai dinner cruises. Bateaux, Al Canary, Xclusive and Amazon Tours are just some of the companies that offer tourists dinner cruise options, but why shell out when you can create your own dinner cruise?

All you need is a canal-worth vessel and some fresh, delicious food from one of our many Dubai restaurants. Here are just some of your options. Just make sure you have a good balance of fish, meat and veggies to cater to different dietary restrictions and preferences!

1.Urban Seafood

As Dubai is located close to the Persian Gulf, there is always a fresh stream of seafood available in many restaurants. One restaurant that has gotten particularly creative with their seafood dishes is Urban Seafood. In fact, this particular establishment is a Deliveroo seafood favourite, due to how wonderfully experimental they can get with their flavours. Favourites include the creamy seafood soup, crab quinoa and dynamite chili shrimps, which claims to take buffalo shrimps to an entirely new level.

Where: Urban Seafood, J.B.R

2.Shakespeare & Co.

When attempting to eat on one's own Dubai dinner cruise, it may be best to have a selection of finger foods at the ready, rather than any meal that requires too much cutlery and clean up. Burgers, burritos and savoury crepes are just some of the easy-to-eat options available at the Palm Jumeirah restaurant, but don't be fooled by the seemingly informal dishes. While they may be finger food, these dishes remain within the fine dining category, so your dinner cruise remains an upscale event.

Where: Shakespeare & Co., Palm Jumeirah

3.Seaview Restaurant

For last-minute sailors, few restaurants are more convenient, classic and contemporary than Seaview Restaurant. In fact, they are so perfectly suited for a dinner cruise that their menu even begins with "To Set Sail" starters. Situated on Jumeirah Harbour, Seaview offer a variety of cuisines and dishes including delectable seafood, which they take very seriously indeed. If you don't fancy seafood, there's also salads, pastas and rice dishes on offer.

Where: Seaview Restaurant, Jumeirah Harbour

4.S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas

Shawarma-based dishes are a staple in Dubai cuisine, so we had to include a Shawarma restaurant, especially one with more options than you can shake a paddle at. Top picks include the lite chicken and avocado, the smoking chicken castro and the chicken s'wich, though there are quite literally dozens of other options. You can even customise your own shawarma with a choice of meats and veggies. The possibilities are endless, and whatever you pick you can guarantee it'll be incredibly tasty.

Where: S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas, Marina View

5.Pret to Go

Inspired by the simple idea that even busy communities deserve delicious, flavorful food, Pret to Go ensure that even a hastily prepared Dubai dinner cruise has great food. With organic ingredients from local suppliers, healthy meals such as quinoa salad, chicken biryani and even teriyaki salmon are tasty without being cheeky. Apparently, even their philly cheesesteaks aren't that bad for you, and are also incredibly easy to eat.

Where: Pret to Go, Emaar Square

For more options and other Dubai dinner cruise cuisine, check out Deliveroo.

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