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Dubai's Top Takeaways for a Friday Night In

Perfect Friday Night Takeaway Ideas in Dubai

It's Friday night! The working week is done, the demands of another hectic five days can be put to bed and you can slip into your pyjamas and bury yourself in the latest box set. But, this picture can only be completed if it means you don't have to do any cooking yourself. Ordering a takeaway as a reward for another successful week is a tradition most paramount, so here we'll look at the essential takeaway guide for a Friday night in either alone with Netflix or kicking back with your squad.

1. Grab a Slice of the Action with NKD Pizza

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Pizza is the perfect accompaniment for a night in alone or a night in entertaining. Whether you choose a large pizza with split toppings for a group of foodies or a large pizza with one topping for yourself, there are dozens of places to pick the perfect pizza. For an authentic Italian base, NKD Pizza provide both gluten-free and regular bases to appeal to everyone – and boast a huge selection of toppings from classic pepperoni to some exceptionally quirky veggie pizzas!

Complete your Friday night in with: NKD Pizza

2. Go All-American with Johnny Rockets

Indulging in a takeaway doesn't always have to include sampling exotic flavours from around the world. Sometimes a standard burger and fries combo do just as well at giving that #FridayFeeling. Johnny Rockets gives definite burger envy with its range of super-filled burgers: from the chipotle chicken burger to the smokehouse double burger, perfectly paired with a side of bacon cheese fries. Make sure you order extra bacon cheese fries if you're having a night in with friends though!

Complete your Friday night in with: Johnny Rockets

3. Chow Down with Chopsticks with Royal China Dubai

The most exciting thing about the Chinese menu is that there are such a range of dishes that you could enjoy a different combination every time you order. From spicy Szechuan to wholesome dim sum, the Royal China restaurant in Dubai offers the perfect sampling of the delights of the Chinese cuisine. Grab a group of friends and create a sharing platter in order to taste a range of flavours in one sitting. Just make sure you've got your chopsticks etiquette down before attempting it in front of company.

Complete your Friday night in with: Royal China

4. Spice Things Up with a Curry with Mint Leaf of London

Add some heat to your Friday night in by looking to the delights of the Indian cuisine. From a creamy korma to a volcanic vindaloo, a curry works well as part of a sharing platter with friends – though just make sure you can all handle the same amount of chillies! Mint Leaf of London offer a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, and the very best spices Bombay has to offer.

Complete your Friday night in with: Mint Leaf of London

Follow your cravings and treat yourself for the perfect Friday night in by enjoying one of the many kinds of takeaway available on Deliveroo.

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