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  2. Grab a slice of the action with Dubai's pizzas with a difference
Dubai's Top Pizzas with a Difference

Grab a slice of the action with Dubai's pizzas with a difference

There is no better feeling than that of the first bite of a well-earned slice of pizza, the cheese turning stringy and encouraging you to add that little bit extra into your mouth as the flavours of the toppings explode. Whether you're a fan of the traditional Margherita pizza, believing simplicity to be key to the perfect slice, or you're the type of person to pile high with exciting toppings, there is something for everyone in Dubai.  

1. Taste the Volcano at The Pizza Factory

Have you ever considered what food cooked inside a volcano might taste like? Well, wonder no more like The Pizza Factory includes a real volcano stone inside its pizza oven, which gives each pizza pie a perfectly smoky finish. From their mouth-watering traditional pepperoni to the flavours of the Mediterranean, to the egg-topped Oriental, each pizza is enhanced by the unique method of cooking. Try a spicy flavour, such as the Napolitana, served with fresh chillies on top, for a real taste of the volcano.  

Grab a slice of the action at: The Pizza Factory 

2. Feel the Crunch at Rossovivo Artisan Pizza  

For those who crave the snap and crunch of a real Italian thin crust pizza, Rossovivo won't leave you disappointed. Boasting a menu perfectly stocked for the vegetarians, while also allowing meat-lovers to indulge, the pizzas are cooked to perfection on a thin and crispy base. Rossovivo also throws in a selection of traditional Italian antipasti, salads, and appetisers to accompany the Italian pizza experience.  Following the time honoured recipe straight out of Naples, Rossovivo leaven the dough for 12 hours and bake the pizza in an authentic Forno Tradizionale Napoletano.

Grab a slice of the action at: Rossovivo Artisan Pizza 

3. Give up Gluten at NKD Pizza

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For the more health-conscious pizza lovers, or for those struggling to indulge their pizza cravings on a gluten-free diet, NKD Pizza has you covered (in lashings of cheese and rich tomato sauce). Their pizza pies come on gluten-free bases and a range of healthy toppings, from the macrobiotic to the super biotic – both containing bundles of vegetables and herbs that would otherwise not be found on a pizza – to the veg-heavy Mediterranean and greenhouse pizzas.

Grab a slice of the action at: NKD Pizza

4. Embrace Classic Italian with a Twist at Carluccio's

Located in the Dubai Marina Mall, Carluccio's boast a huge menu of Italian food, most notably the range of pizza dishes available. But, what's interesting about Carluccio's pizza selection is the twists it places on the classics – for example, the standard Margherita is topped with a zingy tomato sauce, giving the entire dish a kick.

Grab a slice of the action at: Carluccio's 

Whether you want to taste the true Italian way of cooking pizza or want to share in weird and wonderful toppings galore with your friends, Dubai has a lot to offer. While it might not have started as the pizza capital of the world, the innovation and perfecting of flavours shows just how Dubai is fast becoming the second city of pizza.

Hungry? Why not get a large pizza from any of the Deliveroo friendly pizza parlours in Dubai to share with your friends? Or better still, get a large for yourself – go on, we won't tell…  

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