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Dubai's Top Refreshing Salads for the Winter Heat

Feel refreshed in the heat with a fresh salad

Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates this winter are set to hit the mid-twenties, offering a balmy heat. What better way to take time during a hot day, or relax on a warm evening than by indulging with food to help cool down. Salads are the perfect food to eat when it's warm, giving the body nutrients and vitamins lost in the heat, and also packing a quenching taste to give some chill. Here are a rundown of some of the more interesting salads on offer in Dubai.

1. Greek Salad at Eat Greek

The Greeks certainly do food well, and Greek takeaways offer an easy way of chowing down on a cuisine that's more difficult to make at home. The Greek Salad – a standard leafy mix tossed with olive oil and feta cheese fills the standard salad with creamy flavour and the tang of extra virgin Greek olive oil. Eat Greek offer the traditional Greek salad while also serving up variations of the Caesar Salad for the chicken lovers, and a speciality salad from Crete, the juicy Cretan Dakos Salad.

Enjoy a tasty salad at Eat Greek, Dubai  

2. BarSalata Custom Made Salad Selection

BarSalata, as the name suggests, is a haven for salad variety. From the signature salad dishes such as the Thai Sweet Lime salad containing avocado and fresh mango, to the New Canton Chicken Crunch offering a meaty kick, to The Twenty, a salad containing twenty ingredients tossed together. Plus, you can also build your own custom-made salad from the ingredients available, so it can be exactly to your taste. Love jalapenos? Pile them on!

Enjoy a tasty salad at BarSalata, Dubai

3. Freshii Superfood Salads

Eating a salad is already a step towards being healthy, but what if you could double down on healthiness? Freshii offer a selection of salads catering towards those who watch what they eat and demand kale, spinach, and edamame beans. The Metaboost Salad looks to give your body a source of goodness and is the perfect way to keep up with your protein while skipping the meat for Meat Free Monday, while the Boosti-Q Salad adds chicken to the superfood mix. They even have a Fiesta Salad containing salsa and black beans to really get the party started!

Enjoy a tasty salad at Freshii, Dubai

4. Pasta Salad at Salad Station

One of the best kinds of salad is one that has a whole load of tasty carbs in it. The Pasta Mix salad at Salad Station offers the same healthy salad with vegetables and a light dressing, for a substantial salad meal. Salad Station also features the 'Your Salad Your Way' option, which lets you custom build a salad, containing pasta or not.

Enjoy a tasty salad at Salad Station, Dubai

So there you have it, a guide to the best kinds of salad to help refresh yourself on a hot day. These are just a light smattering of the variety of salads available, and with so many ingredients, no two salads need ever be the same.

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