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  2. Where romance is always on the menu - 5 Dubai restaurants that will spice up your relationship
5 Dubai Restaurants That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Where romance is always on the menu - 5 Dubai restaurants that will spice up your relationship

Planning a romantic night in with the special person in your life should be incredibly exciting but it can also be extremely nerve-racking too. Choosing the right meal is as vital in creating a romantic atmosphere as getting the music and the lighting just right. Thankfully, Dubai is packed with great restaurants where romance is always on the menu and where you can choose your meal for two with confidence.

1. Pizzaro

Italian food had long been a classic choice for couples looking to enjoy a romantic evening at home. Dubai has a terrific selection of Italian restaurants, and Pizzaro is one of the very best. Among the most tempting options here are the delicious Truffle Pizza, the Spaghetti ala Carbonara and the Lasagna ala Bolognese. Luxurious desserts to finish off a stunning meal in the best possible way include Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse and the rich Terrina al Cioccolato.

2. Mizu

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Japanese food is another fantastic choice for setting up a romantic evening that lingers long in both of your memories from now on. From delicate sushi to exquisite Shrimp Cake, Salmon Avocado Carpaccio and Wasabi Prawn, the menu here at Mizu is filled with lots of fabulous dishes for you to savour together. The choice is extensive enough that there is something for every taste, from hot and spicy to more delicate flavours.

3. Patiala

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A romantic night in can turn into something even more memorable when you choose your meal from the extensive menu at Patiala. This restaurant is among the best places to sample authentic Indian cuisine in the whole of Dubai. From Raw Papaya and Mango Salad to Malai Kebab and from Fish Tikka to Chilli Paneer, the choice is enough to make any couple feel in the mood for a cosy night at home with some great food on their table.

4. Fumé

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Designed to deliver wholesome and tasty dishes from around the world, Fumé is the kind of Dubai restaurant that you can rely on to give you exactly what you need for that special occasion. Comfort food with a sharing concept is their motto and you will both love tucking in to the likes of Honey & Chili Marinated Chicken, Charcoal Roasted Tiger Prawns and Fried Calamari. It is no wonder that this stylish restaurant is rated as one of the top steakhouses in the city.

5. Bosporus

Turkish cuisine is the order of the day at the delightful Bosporus restaurant. This means that you can enjoy the likes of a Turkish Shepherd's Salad, Hummus with Meat or Turkish Pizza with Shrimps. An excellent range of steaks and döner wraps is also available. However, it may be the decadent dessert section that most takes your breath away. The Mixed Fruit Platter for Two, the Baklava with Ice Cream and the Künefe with Chocolate are all sensational ways to end any intimate meal for two.

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