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4 Romantic Dinners On The Cards This Valentine's

Two's Company - Enjoy A Romantic Dinner This Valentine's Day!

Want to know the secret to the best romantic dinner this Valentine's? It's finding something you both like. This night is supposed to be about enjoying company with someone you love, so there's no point having food you don't. Whether your favourite is Lebanese or Chinese, Italian or French, there are some great dishes out there that can be optimised for a Valentine's treat. Anything from kebabs to chicken wings can be turned into a fancy meal, if you're willing to go all out – indoors. We've picked out some of the best dishes from across the board to really prove our point.

1. Wingstop – 40 Wings Pack

Look, wings may not be the most classy selection this Valentine's Day but sometimes you just know it's love! What better way to spoil the one you love than with 40 chicken wings in an array of different flavours? Wingstop know that a true romantic dinner isn't based on how fancy the food is – it's all about how it tastes. And these taste amazing, so there's that. If your date disagrees, can they really be the one for you? Thought not!

2. Local Bites – Penne Alfredo

Italian food is always a winner when it comes to a romantic dinner, so Local Bites have the right idea with their pasta selection. Penne Alfredo is a great choice, with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy bechamel sauce, finished with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. It's rich enough to bring that something special to your night.

3. Couqley – Duck Confit

Duck is very popular in French food, and the French certainly know a thing or two about eating your way to someone's heart! We should be taking a leaf out of their book, which is why at Couqley you can do exactly that. Their duck confit melts in the mouth, and is probably just a little different to the things you usually eat. A tender braised duck leg is served on a bed of caramelised onions and fresh oyster mushrooms. It comes accompanied with sauteed potatoes and it's finished off with jus de canard. Ooh, la la!

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4. Burger & Lobster – The Truffle

Truffles and lobster... does life get any more indulgent than this? Burger & Lobster certainly know how to bring the goods to the table – literally – combining two foods that scream 'love' into one dish. Add truffle to absolutely everything and it gives it that little something extra... not that lobster needs it, but you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven when you try this. The lobster meat is tossed in a truffle mayo, combined with mustard and lemon juice and settled nicely into a roll. There are even fries on the side. We're sure your date is lovely but this is a true beauty – just look at it!

This Valentine's Day, make it a cosy night in with a romantic dinner for two. If you're ordering in, Deliveroo has plenty of menu choices to suit you both.

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