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  2. Treat your latest catch to the latest catch: Seafood in Dubai
Treat Your Latest Catch to the Latest Catch: Romantic Seafood Restaurants

Treat your latest catch to the latest catch: Seafood in Dubai

Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac and seafood is a sure fire way to get your beau's heart racing. If you're looking to inject some romance into your life, look no further than one of Dubai's many seafood restaurants. Often accompanied by stunning views and finished with incredible desserts, you'll be able to impress on a first date, or find the perfect moment to make that grand gesture. And if it doesn't work out, then there are plenty more fish in the sea!


Let's say it's a first date, and you're a bit unsure of how it's going to go. If you book a table at Bahary, and your date isn't as enthralling as you hoped, you can avert your gaze towards the Dubai skyline and take in Bahary's beautiful views. Dubai loves seafood, and there are some great restaurants serving incredible fish, but at Bahary, you're practically sitting on the water. It couldn't get any fresher than that. The menu is Middle East-inspired fish dishes, so alongside your mussels, you'll find appetisers such as babaganoush, and a variety of fish tajin. If you've never tried fish tajin before, be sure to try the popular calamari tajin for something a little different.  

2.Alto Mar

Like Pierchick, Alto Mar is also incredibly easy on the eye. It promises exceptional views of the harbour from Jumeirah 1. Their Mediterranean and Portuguese-inspired menu starts with delicious portions of shellfish such as clams or mussels, and for your main, you can choose from freshly caught fish, preserved in a salt cave and slow-cooked in their oven. They also serve a delicious choice of mocktails alongside the food, and you can sit out on the terrace and stare into each other's eyes whilst you're waiting for your desserts to arrive.


Sammach is perfect if you're looking for somewhere a little different and would like to impress with a bit of wow factor. If you fancy a normal evening of dining and gazing into each other's eyes and enjoy the fountain view, then anything on the Sammach menu will keep you content. However, if you fancy something a little more special, allow your date to pick exactly which fish or lobster you would like to eat, with the Sammach Fresh Boat Experience. There is plenty of choice, from fresh squid to lobster. You could even order fresh Lady Fish for your lady. Decide how you want it cooked and then share it together. If you're looking for the perfect romantic evening with that special someone, Sammach has you covered. If Sammach doesn't impress, then give up and take your date for a sandwich instead.

4.Burger and Lobster

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First dates are meant to be fun and Burger and Lobster know how to bring it. If you love lobster, but aren't sure about your date's eating habits, Burger and Lobster makes a great first date destination. Choose from one of their incredible burgers, or crack open a lobster, or if you can't decide, they have a burger topped with lobster. Any awkwardness will disappear as soon as you're sharing fries and dismembering a shellfish together. Who says you can't be romantic with lobster dribbling down your chin?

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