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Say Cheese! Dubai’s Very Best Pizzas for Cheese Lovers

Say cheese! Dubai’s cheesiest pizzas

For most pizza fans, there is at least one aspect of their favourite pizza that must be perfect each time. Whether it's the pizza base, a traditional tomato sauce or the choice of cheeses, we tend to stick to what we know and love.

So, if you're a pizza lover in Dubai who just can't get enough cheese on top of their pizza and you enjoy a variety of artisanal flavours, make sure you check out the City of Gold's best pizza parlours for mouth-watering cheesy combos. Here are our top picks!

1. Quattro Formaggi - Margherita

If you're obsessed with cheese on top of your pizza, look no further than Margherita's dedicated four-cheese pizza. This dairy bonanza features buffalo mozzarella, scamroza, parmigiano and rich gorgonzola for the perfect blend with a fresh, vibrant tomato sauce and Margherita's notoriously thin and crispy base. They also do a Parmigiana with both normal buffalo mozzarella and smoked mozzarella combined to bring this vegetarian pizza to life.

2. Gorgonzola - Pinza! 

Pinza! specialises in 13" pizzas that are excellent value any day of the week. If you're a particular fan of blue cheese, this pizza – and the next one! – will transport you to cheesy heaven. The Gorgonzola pizza is a decadent choice, combining blue cheese with pear and walnuts to cut through the richness of the gorgonzola and caramelized onion. It's a great pizza to order for takeaway if you're having a particularly lavish night in!

3. Buffalo Bleu - Zpizza 

Alternatively, if you'd rather have your gorgonzola cheese topping complement some meatier pizza toppings, place an order Downtown with Zpizza. Their Buffalo Bleu creation is a feast for the taste buds, with a home-made roasted garlic sauce base, topped with mozzarella and gorgonzola, as well as some spiced chicken breast and fresh green onions. It's a protein-packed feast for one!

4. Cinque Formaggi - The Pizza Factory 

If you thought Margherita's four-cheese pizza couldn't get any cheesier, think again! The Pizza Factory has gone one better and designed a Cinque Formaggi featuring five - yes five - different cheese toppings! There's a real taste of continental Europe about this pizza, with cheeses selected from Holland (edam and gouda), as well as Italian household favourites parmesan, mozzarella and gorgonzola. There's literally nothing else to this dish apart from the homemade pizza base, so if all you can think about is cheese make sure you bookmark these guys' Deliveroo page!

5. Goat Cheese Pizza - Oregano

Another pizza parlour which delivers strong cheese pizzas is Oregano in Al Sufouh. Their Goat Cheese Pizza is one of the best on the menu, with this oozy, melt-in-the-mouth cheese combined with a crunch of pine kernels, as well as caramelised onions, semi-dried tomatoes and a luxurious balsamic glaze. These pizzas are guaranteed to capture the imagination of even the fiercest meat topping fanatic.

For all these and more pizzas throughout Dubai as well as more tasty treats, order from Deliveroo right here.

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