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  2. Please Miss - Is School Desserts Making A Comeback?
The Desserts From Childhood Making A Comeback

Please Miss - Is School Desserts Making A Comeback?

No matter where in the world you went to school, we can all agree that school dinners form a big part of the experience! They shape our tastes for years to come and, while some were frankly terrible, some weren't so bad at all. It's not unusual to want to go back to much more simple times, which is probably why school-dinner-style desserts are making a comeback in a big way.

With the popularity of desserts across Dubai, it's no wonder that diners are constantly looking for new ideas to push the boundaries when it comes to tasty treats. We've done pancakes with fancy toppings, donuts, cronuts... and now we're apparently having a little bit of a rewind with rice pudding, too. This classic children's dish has had a little bit of a revamp, much more suited to the adult palette.

Have no fear, no uniforms or chaperones are required for this trip down memory lane. Here's a quick look at what you can order tonight.

1. Shahi Kheer

The clue's in the name - this stuff is vintage, alright! This is rice pudding but perhaps not how you remember it. Now that you're grown up, you can probably handle a fair few more herbs and spices than a child can and this take on nostalgia by The Vintage Room ticks all the right boxes. With hints of cardamom and saffron and completed with raisins, cashews and almonds, this is a real taste sensation in addition to being the key to good memories.

2. Oreo Rice Pudding

Um, are all your childhood dreams coming true? We think so. Rice Creamery lets you live out all your Oreo fantasies by blending your fave cookies into this creamy pudding. Is there anything Oreos don't go with? As if that wasn't enough, they've basically got every flavour you can think of, especially when you factor in their impressive range of toppings, too. Amazing idea - get to the top of the class!

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3. Rice Pudding

Cafe Blanc uses rice pudding in both sweet and savoury dishes but, if it's dessert you're after, it's dessert you shall get! Their take on it is a little more simple but incredibly delicious. Blending milk, rice, sugar and rose water, it is then topped with pistachios to add some texture to this creamy and mouth watering dessert.

4. Salted Caramel Banana Pudding

On a low-carb diet or simply want something fruity? Magnolia Bakery has an array of banana puddings to satisfy those dessert cravings without the guilt (and, don't worry, we all get them). Blending bananas with the hottest flavour of the moment, salted caramel, this is everything you wished your school would let you have at lunchtime - and more!

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