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  2. Six sweet reasons why every day should be World Nutella Day
Six reasons why we’re crazy for World Nutella Day

Six sweet reasons why every day should be World Nutella Day

Celebrate in style! On toast, with ice cream, directly from the spoon – here at Deliveroo we love Nutella. In fact, we just can't get enough of it. If you're craving hazel, if you're in need for a sugar infusion, behold: six reasons why we think every day should be full of chocolate joy for all!

1. It Goes Well With Every Meal of the Day

Get your toast, get your spread, get your frying pan: Nutella is a versatile sweet treat suited to every meal of the day – the proof is in the breakfast, lunch and pudding! Whether is ladled on a crepe (see the Nutella Crepe from Nova Café), scraped across your packed lunch sandwich or drizzled on a chocolate dessert, this delectable mix of hazelnuts and cocoa always tastes great. How many other foods can say the same? It just works!

2. It's Packed Full of Nutty Nutrition

Despite its sugary reputation, Nutella is, in some ways, actually quite good for you! You can thank the hazelnuts for that. With high protein per gram, plenty of vitamins and minerals from added milk and all the shared health benefits of plain old cocoa, every spoonful is even more balanced than you might think. When spread across a Nutella Ice Cake from Sale Sucre, however? Not so much, but we blame the ice cream.

3. For the Sake of Pure Indulgence

Make every day World Nutella Day and reap the sweet rewards. When it comes down to it, this creamy cocoa spread is an indulgence and one we all love to enjoy. Take the Chocolate and Nutella Cupcake from L'ETO Caffe, for example. The base is already full of chocolate. The sponge is already light, fluffy and pure. Add a serving of Nutella to the recipe? Why, that's just utter luxury. Double down goodness, totally yum.      

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4. Nutella's Endless Combos

On crepes, in cake, with ice cream – heck, there's even the Looshis Nutella Pie! The list of combos goes on and on and that's part of the charm. If Nutella is suited to every meal throughout the day, then it's also suited to every kind of food throughout the day, too. Within reason, of course! No one's on the hunt for a Nutella burger... Or are they?

5. The Nostalgia Factor!

Nutella is a childhood delight: a rich cream with its very own unique flavour. Wherever you find it, in whatever form, that subtle hint of hazelnut is bound to grab your attention and never let go! So sit down, close your eyes and take a sip. A cup of Walnut Grove Gourmet Hot Chocolate, whipped and stirred with Nutella, is bound to take you back. Back to childhood, back to happiness, back to a delightfully full stomach.  

6. Easy to Share, Easy to Love

Sharing is caring and, as far as we can see, Nutella recipes are made with that in mind! Divide your dessert, split the sugar, divvy up the joy. When you cut out a slice of Chocolate Berry Meringue from Carluccio's and give it to a friend, you're not just being polite. You're saying: friend, I care about you. Friend, you're worth it. Friend, you just gotta try this Nutella centre. And that's what it's all about.

Celebrate World Nutella Day in style – order sweet tooth bites for breakfast, lunch or dinner directly to your door with Deliveroo.

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