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  2. Combo That Grill – Awesome Steakhouse Sides From Dubai Marina  
Find Your Sidekick! The Best Steakhouse Entrées In Dubai Marina

Combo That Grill – Awesome Steakhouse Sides From Dubai Marina  

Hot, sizzling and fresh off the grill – whether you're a fan of T-bones, rumps or tenderloins, the perfect plate of meat deserves the perfect sidekick. "Fries!" you cry – but of course, they're already on the list. There are however, other options available. For those of you with a taste for adventure, for those that don't mind getting hands on with their grub, here at Deliveroo we've rounded up some of Dubai Marina's steakhouse best. They may be messy, they may be crisp, but boy are they delicious.    

1. Crispy Fried Salt N Pepper Calamari from The Grill Shack

Squid: who knew such odd looking swimmers could taste so great? Layered in breadcrumbs, salt and pepper they're a crunchy snack like no other. This dish works great as both an appetiser and an accompaniment to a good seared steak – so take the plunge and place your order with The Grill Shack. The ocean flavour is a great balance to beefy goodness on the tongue and the seasoning is absolutely perfect. Sauces? Soy, ketchup and BBQ are all good options for any calamari connoisseur, whether you want to dip, drench or drizzle.      

2. Classic Steakhouse Fries by Tribes

This list simply wouldn't be right if we didn't include a good ol' plate of fries. If you're down in Dubai Marina and on the hunt for a set of fluffy gold ones, why, Tribes are ready and waiting with their steakhouse take on classic diced potato. Yin and yang. Mind and body. Steak and fries. Utterly inseparable, completely delectable. American-style culinary genius in a single dish.  

3. Chicken Wings from UNO Chicago Grill

Wings: the pinnacle of messy finger food. If you're looking for a way to accentuate the glory of your twelve-ounce hunk, look no further than the UNO Chicago Grill's fabulously fiery wings. Totally boneless and totally spicy, these mouthfuls of chicken are coated in a sweet flame sauce just dripping with jalapeño spice. Not for the faint of heart – nor the faint of tongue, for sure. For those who can manage it however, get stuck in. You won't regret it. There're plenty of ways to enjoy steak, and a piece of prime meat with wings on the side is up there with the best of them.


4. Loaded Potato Skins from T.G.I Friday's

Number four – our last and certainly not least side order comes in the form of several bacon laden, cheesy potatoes. Potato skins to be exact, topped up to the brim with filling and flavour. These aren't quite fries exactly, more like gooey mash explosions. Sour cream provides a fresh kick, green onion a little veggie colour and the bacon and cheese are top of the pile in the rush to please your taste buds. T.G.I Friday's are kitchen culinary pros – if these little side numbers don't convince you of that, who knows what will. Perhaps their chargrilled steak?    

Need a sidekick for your steak? Load up on carbs, protein and taste when you order direct with Deliveroo.

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