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  2. Love pizza? Hear us out. Here's the best gourmet pizza to shout about!
From Saucy to Stonebaked, You Need These Pizzas in Your Life

Love pizza? Hear us out. Here's the best gourmet pizza to shout about!

When it comes to Italian food, we're really in our element. We toss and turn trying to decide what's our fave - but right now, it's pizza that we really love. Classic takeaway options will never go out of style, such as curries, burgers, and - of course - pizzas. While we have plenty of other options to bring to you, sometimes it's fun going back to basics. Ordering the classics doesn't need to mean you're bored though, as you'll find with these extra-special pizza party treats.

1. The kind with the crust made from ten grains

So often the crusts of the pizzas we eat get neglected, but we think that's criminal. Thanks to NKD Pizza you'll never cast the crusts aside again - they're just full of so much good stuff. We're not quite sure how many grains go into your average pizza, but we're willing to bet it's not ten. Hint: that's exactly how many the pizzas at NKD have at their base, so their description of the crust as "ancestral" is warranted. And that's before you even begin to build upon them. Of the many toppings the restaurant has to offer, we recommend Ragin' Cajun - the name is rad and the toppings are too. With chicken, sausage, garlic, peppers and onions, you really can't go wrong.

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2. The classic Italian-style stuff

Italians love their fresh flavours and many of the pizzas available across Dubai really capture that fact. At 800 Pizza, they've got a Classic Pesto offering. Its pesto-based sauce is topped with Italian mozzarella and plenty of oven-baked veggies. Finish it up with sun-dried tomatoes and you've got yourself a really moreish Mediterranean-inspired meal. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the ocean of the Italian coast.

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3. The ones with the fanciest ingredients

These days it's all about having the fanciest toppings - this seems to be something of a trend. This is something that Amor Pizza has really caught onto and we appreciate all of the creative choices that this brings. If you're looking for something a little different and quite posh, why not order the Shrimps Pizza? Seafood goes surprisingly well with the cheese to make for an amazing taste. Plus, with zucchini and shrimps it's bright and colourful and perfect for the summer months!

4. The kind that's stonebaked

Pizza made in an oven with a volcano stone oven sounds pretty cool, right? That's because it is - absolutely no arguments about that! At The Pizza Factory all of their amazing pizzas are prepared in this way and we reckon there's a real difference when it comes to the taste. Why not order a classic Margarita to try the whole thing on for size? Opting for something simple that you already know and love will highlight how great it really is.

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