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Story Behind The Dish: Methi Mutter Malai

Story behind the dish: methi mutter malai

Freshen up your palate with this mild and creamy classic that'll charm your taste buds with its unusual flavours and bright colours. This classic Punjabi dish is full of succulent green peas and the zing of fenugreek, complemented by the spiced, creamy and fragrant sauce.

The chefs at Biryani Street add the warmth of their secret blend of spices, designed to highlight the fresh flavours of the methi – fenugreek leaves, mutter – peas and the malai – cream.

Light and lovely

Straddling the border between northern India and Pakistan, the Punjab region has always relied heavily on local produce like fresh vegetables and dairy – so it's no wonder that many of the dishes hailing from these parts are temptingly creamy.

The origins of methi mutter malai curry are lost in the mists of time, but it's widely agreed that it has long been a Punjabi family favourite as a mild and healthy meal for children – stuffed full of iron-rich greens and protein-packed cashews. It's also rolled out at parties and weddings as a milder course among the many fiery celebration dishes.

Bittersweet flavours

Traditionally, the malai cream for methi mutter malai was produced from buffalo milk, but today cream from cow's milk is just as popular. In these more health conscious-times some cooks have looked for ways to substitute or leave out the cream, but for the true, rich taste, the version with real cream is unbeatable.

The most complex part of the recipe is getting rid of most of the bitterness from the fenugreek. The finished dish should keep a hint of bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the peas, cream and spices, but not enough to overpower it. Everything has to be balanced.

How do you eat yours?

Nothing could be better to complement the smooth cashew sauce and the pop of peas than an Indian bread fresh from the tandoor. Go for roti, naan, paratha, kulcha or stuffed paratha, and mop up all that mildly spiced malai sauce.

New to the food scene on The Palm, Biryani Street is now your go-to for more unusual Indian dishes, particularly North Indian specialities and – the clue is in the name – Biryani. These expert chefs know their way around Indian spices and serve up delightful dishes seven days a week – including rich and mild methi mutter malai.

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