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Story Behind The Dish: Pad Prik

Story behind the dish: pad prik

A lesser known cousin of the famous Thai red curry, Pad Prik is an unsung hero in the Asian food stakes. Packed with spice and aroma, it's a dry, fiery dish that lends its incredible flavour to a combination of garlic, chilli and lemongrass.

They get how great pad prik is over at the Dubai based Lemongrass restaurant; authentic Thai cuisine at its best. So if you feel like showing this delight the love it deserves, head over there today.

Packing a punch

So what makes a pad prik more than just another Thai red curry? The main thing to note is the lack of coconut milk, this gives the curry its drier texture and super-intense flavour that we all know and love.

Smoky and spicy, the base for this curry is a combination of garlic, chilli, lemongrass and the more unusual galangal. Although more commonly known as Thai ginger, this root couldn't be more different. Far more citrusy and with woody, pine undertones, galangal gives pad prik a depth of flavour that is exactly what makes this dish so unique. Top secret stuff.

The perfect disguise

Usually a simple but sumptuous combination of sliced chicken breast and crunchy green beans, pad prik is easily mistaken for an over-simplified Thai curry. But when you take that first bite you realize how just mistaken you were. Lip-tinglingly peppery, with sweet nutty undertones and a citrusy finish, this is one dish that over-delivers.

Get in on the fun 

And when you're on the hunt for off the beaten track Thai food, Lemongrass is a must-visit. Promising authentic Thai food cooked up by Thai chefs, Lemongrass' menu is not one to pass by. And their pad prik? One of the best. Heavy on the garlic and with a twist of black pepper sauce, this wok-fried dish is served steaming and spicy, and goes down perfectly with a side of their Kao Niaw, Thai Jasmine rice that's perfectly sweet and sticky. Don't forget to make room for dessert either – their fried banana with honey is one sweet we always make room for.

Tempted by Thai? Find Lemongrass' menu here on Deliveroo and let us deliver a taste of traditional Thailand right to your door.

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